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Editor:               Susan C. Stafford
Director:                     Dick Taylor

Staff Writer:    Susan Chaffin

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Spring 2000

Mark Dunn's Flint Hills;   web design by Susan Stafford

Wheat field 1940;   contributed by Faith James; produced by Susan Stafford

History of Lawrence, Kansas by Rev. Richard Cordley;   contributed by Richard Pittaway and produced by Rosana Whitenight and Susan Stafford

The Pet Bullsnake Saga by Faith James;   contributed by Faith James and produced by Susan Stafford

Reflections from the Prairie by George W. Schiller;    contributed by George Schiller and produced by Rosana Whitenight, Dick Taylor and Susan Stafford

Memories of a Kansas Farm Boy by Winton Slagle Sipe;   contributed by Kerry Sipe and produced by Susan Stafford

Do Tell: The Early Years by Don B. Dale;   contributed by Don B. Dale, web design by by Susan Stafford

Personal Memoirs of Watson Stewart;   contributed by Mitzi Bateman, produced by Roger Pyle, web design by Susan Stafford

The Factual History of Kansas by Sherman Peter Young:   contributed by Doni Wright and produced by Dick Taylor)

Nancy Davis Wisener's Recollections of Pioneer Life;   contributed by -- Cobb and produced by Dick Taylor, Susan Stafford, and the Early Kansas Imprint Scanners Workshop

The Last One by Rosie Clem Maxton;   contributed by Gary Entz and produced by Gary Entz and Susan Stafford

The Story of a Kansas Pioneer by Melissa Genett Anderson;   contributed by Carol Clendenning and produced by Carol Clendenning and Susan Stafford

Autobiography of Mary Beeson;   contributed by Lester Merklin, and produced by Jean Suman, Lynn Nelson and Susan Stafford

Autobiography of Sara Eutsler Kennedy;   contributed by Steve Kennedy and Debbie Wafford, and produced by Susan Stafford

E. T. McFarland's Memories of Kansas Settlement;   contributed by Georganna Tilton, and produced by Dick Taylor

Tales and Trails of Wakarusa by A. M. Harvey;   contributed by Lynn Nelson, produced by the Early Kansas Imprint Scanners, web design by Susan Stafford

Frank Bursinger by Ulysses S Grant Sanders;    produced by the Early Kansas Imprint Scanners, web design by Susan Stafford

Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin Smith;   produced by Dick Taylor, Jill Joseph, and Susan Stafford

Elizabeth Totten Thorne's Life on the Plains;   produced by Dick Taylor

Progress in Kansas: The Rise and Fall of the Most Famous Ghost Town in Kansas, by Harold C. Place;   contributed by Jean Pritchard, and transcribed and produced by Susan Stafford; reprinted with the permission of the Kansas State Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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If you would like to contribute an original article for publication in Voices, please forward submissions by electronic mail (in ASCII text) to the Voices editor for consideration. Graphics may also be sent by email attachment (please send each graphic in a separate email message). Articles should focus on Kansas history and highlight selections in the Kansas Collection. If accepted, articles are subject to further editing as needed for inclusion in the magazine.

If you wish to contribute materials for inclusion in the Kansas Collection, please visit here for additional information.

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