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KanColl is an entirely volunteer effort. Our volunteers and contributors, who are located literally across the globe, receive no funding or compensation for our work or contributions of materials -- we do this simply because of our love of Kansas and Kansas history. There are many ways that you can join in the fun we have doing this at KanColl, and help the preserve memories and voices that otherwise would be lost:

Scanning: If you have a scanner and would like to help out, we have a pressing need to scan texts for others to transcribe and code for the Web. We can supply copies to scan from if you don't have access to the work yourself. Scanned files are sent to us by email or regular mail.

Transcribing: Once pages are scanned, someone needs to read through and correct errors. If you'd like to help this way, we can provide you with copies (if you don't have access to the work yourself) and you can send the finished chapters by email or regular mail.

HTML coding: When pages are scanned and checked for errors, they have to be coded for display on the Web. If you're not very familiar with the HTML language, we can supply most of the codes that need to be inserted (sections at the beginning and end of the files) and advice on the rest.

Web design: If you're a designer and would like to contribute some help here, you are very welcome! (We do have some style conventions that need to be observed.)

Contributions: We would be happy to talk with you about copies of old books, diaries, letters, memoirs, photographs, postcards and other items you might want to contribute to KanColl. Because we're dealing with an electronic medium, we don't need originals, and in fact prefer to work with good quality copies.

If you're interested in joining the KanColl family to preserve Kansas history on the Web, please contact us! You can reach us at:


regular mail:
S. C. Stafford
P. O. Box 324
Lansing, KS 66043

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