Elijah Nelson Doughty's Civil War Diary of Travels

July 1865

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July 10: Nothing of interest has passed since the above date.

July 15: Moved camp three miles to obtain grass for our horses. Have splendid water and plenty of grass of the best quality.

July 17: Cloudy and commences raining about 1 o'clock and continues until near dark. The snow has fallen all day on the north side of Platt. It looks rather singular to see the mountains white with snow the middle of July. Thirty men from D. and H. companies was ordered this morning to Platt Bridge with rations to do them until the first of August. Two of our boys refused to go and are now here likely to be sent to Ft. Laramie under arrest for disobedience of orders.

July 18: This morning the weather looks more favorable yet cloudy. We have just eat our breakfast such as we have to eat. One of our best beeves had a calf the other day therefore, we will be without meat before our rations are due. We get about half rations at this time.

July 20: Moved camp from Horse Shoe D.T. to Labonta D.T. The distance of thirty miles west. Our rations for this month is now exhausted and the necessity of us having to go to Ft. Laramie by the force of arms is flatterning at the present time.

July 21: Arrived at Labonta. It rained on us. We are likely to kill a horse or a mule from necessity for beef to keep our souls and body together. This is hard yet we are compeled to submit to its effects in this our latest hours of service likely to be rendered by us to the Government of the U. States.

July 22: Remaining at Labonta. Raining. A detail has been sent out to find a camp where we can have wood, water and grass. These luxuries are scarce in this desolate land. A few scattering pines covers the lofty hills and mountains of this country. Water scarce except that tincturance with alkalia rendering it obnoxious to both man and beast.

July 27: Still at Labonta. We received the doleful news this morning of the murder of 8 of our boys of which the following are the names: E. Summers, Jacob Zim, John Zim, Martin Green, Thomas Powell, W. H. Miller, Samual Tull, W. D. Gray. They were killed by the Indians while on return from escorting some of the Ohio soldiers to Sweet Water from Plattt Bridge [58] when within about five miles of the Bridge they were attacked by one thousand or upwards of Indians and killed. The escort numbering thirty three made their escape, the remainder were killed and burned and scalped and cut up in a fearful manner.

July 28: On receiving the above news we were sent to their relief but when we reached the scene of action the Indians had fled.

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58. South of Casper on Hwy 220 is the site of Sweetwater Station. Although the Pathfinder Reservoir and Alcova Reservoir now cover the area, it looks like the Sweetwater River may have run into the North Platte River near this site. Return to reading

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