Elijah Nelson Doughty's Civil War Diary of Travels

August 1865

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Aug. 1: Started for home. We was relieved by the 6th Michigan last evening. We are now homeward bound. Many be the glad hearts that travel this road at this time.

Aug. 3: Finds us one hundred miles on our way home. The sun shines down hot on these sand hills north. A few scattering pine. Water scarce and of a poor quality. Went in camp at Star Ranche on the North Platt. The boys went in the river and bathed.

Aug. 4: It commenced to rain this morning has the appearance of a violent rain storm. We have eat dinner after the usual style and are now taking the rain which is continuing to fall. We have no tents. Left them at Labonta for the 6th Michigan. We are to move camp today 4 miles.

Aug. 15: Left Star Ranche at 7. Marched 9 miles and arrrived at Ft. Laramie and there turned in our arms and transportation and got conveyance by way of train as far as St. Kerney, Nebraska, territory. We leave here at 1 today. Will march as far a Bevers Ranche.

E. N. Doughty, Dryfork Preston Township, Jasper County, Missouri. Born December 9 , 1841.

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Transcription Notes

At the front of the Diary is a Daily entry in pencil that was purposely scratched out by Elijah with a big 'X' and also was written over in ink by Elijah practicing his signature. This entry almost looks like a beginning of a Diary itself. I can only guess what it was. Most of the entry is obscured and unreadable. Below is what I was able to read of it, verbatim. ~ LLoyd.

Journal of Travels Commencing Feb 20th 1865

Marched 12 miles and

First page in diary

Also at the back of the Diary, Elijah had written the name of his 1st born son.

George Wilson Doughty

And also at the back was written in another hand.

James Thomas Gaddie

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Calendar for August, showing the days of the week

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