Elijah Nelson Doughty's Civil War Diary of Travels

D Company Roster

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     Listed at the back of the Diary, in Elijah's own hand, are the names of all the men who served in D. Co. 11th KVC. There are two lists of names. The first list contains 95 names, the second 18. The 18 are men who have died although the 8 men listed as dead on the July 27th Diary entry appear in the first list instead of with those listed as died. I have included the lists and headings here verbatim to the best of my ability. Elijah's hand is difficult to read at times and my interpretation of is just that. ~ LLoyd.

Total Amt of D Co. 11th KVC

P Thomas
W A Crebs
J B McCall
G A Dewey
1st Lt
A Cline
J McNair
W B Godfrey
2nd Lt
W Cline
J C Morgan
A S Rivers
1st Sgt
J B Cline
J A Norton
A B Hendrick
2nd Sgt
M Caldwell
N H Norton
R H Garrett
3rd Sgt
H A Cook
W H Norton
W P Fuller
4th Sgt
H Campbell killed 2/21
B F Norton
S B Ruble
5th Sgt
E S Carter
T Powell
M B Donahoo
6th Sgt
F B Carter
H A Proctor
J W Whitman
7th Sgt
J C Cotton
Z H Rose
E Merambe
8th Sgt
C C Davis
J W Robinson
J B Garrett
1st Corp
E N Doughty
E Starling
W E Cornwell
2nd Corp
A Dungerns
S Seratt
D F Fuller
3rd Corp
C Fisher
E Summers
W H Miller
4th Corp
J F Gardnie
M F Short
J W Shrader
5th Corp
E D Gardnie
W Sanders
J H Pyle
6th Corp
W Green
A Suliven
J D Seal
7th Corp
J Gray
S Sparks
J A Adams
W D Gray
B Swain
M Butler

E F Guthrie
H C Smith
G W Butler

J W Garrett
J D Todd
B H Butler

J F W Hoffman
S Tull
S F Butler

G Humphrey
D C Vynee
J Butler

J C Haselwood
J Williams
S Barker

W Haselwood
E York
J Banger

M Haskvisor
W Zim
W H Bule

J Harvefs
Z Zim
G H Bule

A Hatton
J Zim
J Burns

J Issacs
A Zim
J W Cornewll

C D King
J R Zim
S D Casebie

M Layton

J W Casebie

S Mastor


W Z Butche
W Renolas
E Grame
J M Myers
J C Burnett
E Nelson
J Savghliy
J Aldridge
W Nelso
J Hershey
A S Carlton
J Pev
B M Garrett
J F Prepgrav
J H Lang
W A Todd
R Fuller
H W Campbell

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