Elijah Nelson Doughty's Civil War Diary of Travels

June 1865

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June 4: We marched at sun-rise and camped on North Platt [54]. The boys in high spirits thinking of home. We are now on the march for Horse Shoe [55] one hundred miles towards home. Nothing of importance has transpired since May 24.

June 5: March at sun-rise. Travels 21 miles. Past Deer creek Station and camped on Lapperell. Had but little grass. Our horses gets weak traveling on grass along.

June 6: March at day-light. Traveled ten miles and stopped and got our breakfast. Layed over until three o'clock, then marched fifteen miles and camped on wagon houn.

June 7: Marched at the usual hour. Traveled five miles and passed Labonta Station. [56] Traveled 21 miles and camped on a small branch. Had spring water to use. It snowed all day off to our right a few miles.

June 8: Marched at the usual hour. Traveled twelve miles and camped at Horse Shoe Station [57] where we are ordered to remain. We are ordered to be mustered out as soon as we can be relieved by regular soldiers of which I hope will be soon.

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Calendar for June, showing the days of the week

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54. River. Return to reading

55. There is a Deer Creek Range south of Casper, WY. Return to reading

56. Probably near Douglas, WY as La Bonte Creek runs south out of town. Return to reading

57. South of Douglas, WY on Hwy 25, near Glendo, WY there is a 'Site of Old Horseshoe Station'. Return to reading

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