Contributed by MARCIA PHILBRICK.


There has something come to our house
That brightens up each day.
And it seems so wonderful
That it has come to stay.

I scarce know what to call it;
It is so very fair.
There is nothing to compare it to.
It is so very rare.

It is sweeter than a rosebud.
Lovelier than a pearl.
Better than gold or diamonds.
My precious baby girl.

And then the though comes to me,
"She isn't really mine.
God only loaned her to me,
To care for, for a time."

So I must always cherish her,
For some day he will say,
"How did you guard the jewel
I loaned to you, one day?"

So I must guard and guide her
And rear her tenderly
For I am training a precious soul
For time and eternity.

~Josephine Winifred Hammond Crawford

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