Contributed by MARCIA PHILBRICK.


Grandmother's getting very gray,
And she's getting older every day.
But she's pretty spry and lively yet.
And darns all the stockings she can get.

Some of these days she's coming back.
And then, dear girl, alas, alack.
She's going to teach you how to darn.
So you had better prepare to 'larn'.

So when grandmother gets so old
Her fingers no longer a needle can hold.
You can darn her stockings the while
If wearing stockings is still in style.

For if other no longer do,
She will have to go bare legged too
She will have to shave and powder them white
Other wise they'll be a sight.

I'd like to know who started the fad
Of wearing socks; It's all to the bad
Makes holes to darn with out end
From everlasting to everlasting. Amen.

~Josephine Winifred Hammond Crawford

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