Contributed by MARCIA PHILBRICK.

Old Folks

We'er just a pair of old fogies.
My old husband and I.
We don't always agree on things.
Or always see eye to eye.

But we get along pretty middlin'.
Don't ever quarrel or fuss.
'Cause I've been afraid if he got too mad
He might swell up and bust.

Reckon I've got some faults myself.
Have had 'em for quite a spell.
'Cause he says I'm so contrary
I don't know when I'm well.

We've raised a family of boys and girls
Ain't none of 'em turned out bad.
And now some youngsters are growing up,
Who are crazy about their granddad.

But we've had our times of trouble
And worry and sorrow and care
That's brought the wrinkles to the face
And streaks of white in the hair.

But now we're quite contented.
Just an old man and his grayhaired wife.
Peacefully going hand in hand
Down the sunset side of life.

~Josephine Winifred Hammond Crawford

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