KanColl: The Kansas
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Kansas Historical Notes

November, 1932 (Vol. 1, No. 5), pages 481 to 482
Transcribed by Lynn Nelson; HTML editing by Name withheld upon request;
digitized with permission of the Kansas State Historical Society.

     A Kiowa County Historical Society was organized at Belvidere August 19, 1932. Officers for the new organization are: J. A. Sherer, Mullinville, president; W. L. Fleener, Sr., Greensburg, first vice president; Bert Woodard, Haviland, second vice president; Mrs. Anna McQuey, Belvidere, third vice president; Mrs. B. 0. Weaver, Mullinville, secretary; and Mrs. Charles T. Johnson, Greensburg, treasurer. Officers were installed September 6 at the courthouse in Greensburg.

     Facts establishing the site of the first Southeast Kansas mission, one mile west of Shaw, were presented at the annual meeting of the Neosho County Historical Society June 23, 1932, by T. F. Morrison. "Neosho" mission was founded September 15, 1824, by a young Presbyterian minister, Benton Pixley, who came westward from Harmony Mission in Bates county, Mo., which had been established three years earlier. Papers prepared by W. W. Graves from interviews with two Neosho county pioneers were also read at this meeting.

     A historical parade representing every period in the history of Abilene and central Kansas featured the week's program celebrating the opening of KFBI, Abilene's new radio station, on July 14, 1932.

     General Motors' radio program, "Parade of States," was devoted to Kansas September 19, 1932. A tribute to the state's historical and industrial development, by Bruce Barton, was read. A framed copy of the address was presented to the Kansas State Historical Society.

     Annual old settlers' reunions are becoming a part of city and community life in Kansas. Limited space does not permit a detailed discussion of these gatherings, but a list of a few of the communities sponsoring meetings, and the dates, are appended: Stockton, July 22 ; Green, July 28-30 ; Cherryvale, August 8-13 ; Jewell, August 9, 10; Arvonia, August 10; Halstead, August 10, 11; Baldwin, August 12; Leoti, August 16; McPherson, August 17; Sublette, August 17; Nickerson, August 18, 19 ; Belvidere, August 19 ; Oskaloosa, August 19, 20; Mantey, August 20; Rantoul, August 23; Dorrance, August 24, 25; Mulvane, August 25; White Rock, August 25; Meade, August 25 ; Sparks, August 25-28 ; Oberlin, August 26 ; Selden, August



26 ; Lawndale, August 28 ; Wabaunsee, August 28 ; Ford, September 1; Pratt, September 2 ; Olathe, September 3 ; Topeka, September 12 ; Lawrence, September 12 ; Oakley, September 15 ; St. John, September 16 ; Marion, September 16 ; Howard, September 16 ; Potwin, September 22; Cimarron, September 24; Smith Center, September 28, and Herington, October 4.

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