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These World War I papers and other items contributed by MARV CRUZAN.

Views of War

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German Propaganda 4

Propaganda: 'Never Say Die!'

Never Say Die!

     Don't die till you have to!
     What business have you to die for France, for Alsace-Lorraine, or for England in France?
     Isn't it better anyhow to live than to die, no matter for how "glorious" a cause? Isn't it better to live and come back to the old folks at home, than to rot in the shell holes and trenches of France?
     You have had to hear many high falutin words about "liberty", "humanity" and "making the world safe for democracy" but honest now, aren't those catch words merely sugar coating to the bitter pill of making you spend wretched months far from home? Do you really believe those German soldier boys in their faded grey uniforms or the other side of "No Man's Land" are hot on the trail of your liberties?
     Just like you, they want the war to end with honor so they can go back to their home folks. Allthey want is a chance to live and let live.
     And so, if it should happen to you to fall into their hands you will find that they will treat you fairenough on the principle of "live and let live". Why run any more chances than you have to, you might as well be a free boarder in Germany till the war is over. You don't want to die till you have to!

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