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These World War I papers and other items contributed by MARV CRUZAN.

Views of War

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German Propaganda 3

Propaganda: 'The better part of valor'

The better part of valor.

     Are you a brave man or a coward?
     It takes a brave man to stand up for his principles. Cowards stand behind leaders and die, imagining that by so doing they become heroes.
     The motive of an act is its measure. If you think the war is hell and that you as a citizen of the United States of America have no business to be fighting in France for England you are a coward to stay with it. If you had the courage to face criticism you would get out and over the top in no time to a place where there is some likelihood that you may see home again.
     What business is this war in Europe to you anyhow? You don't want to annex anything, do you? You don't want to give up your life for that abstract thing "humanity".
     If you believe in humanity and that life is precious, save your own life and dedicate it to theservice of your own country and the woman who deserves it of you.
     Lots of you fellows are staying with it because you are too cowardly to protest, to assert your own wills. Your wills are the best judges of what is best for you to do. Don't ask any one's opinion as to what you would better do! You know best what is the right thing to do. Do it and save your life! Germany never did any harm to you, all the newspaper tales of wrongs were printed to inflame you to the fighting pitch, they were lies, you know you can't believe what you read in the papers.
     If you stay with the outfit ten chances to one, all you will get out of it will be a tombstone inFrance.

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