Congratulations, Lynn!

Plaque presented to Lynn Nelson on his retirement from the University of Kansas

Plaque presented to Lynn Nelson
19 June 1998

We wish Lynn Nelson all the best as he retires from the University of Kansas as a Professor of History . . . and begins another stage in his life, developing new projects in such different areas as the Internet, education, history (Kansas, medieval, and otherwise!), and -- we hope! -- writing. Some endeavors will be new, others will simply have more scope now. We wish him the very best in all of them!

And we invite you to celebrate with us, by signing our guestbook to congratulate Lynn on this milestone, and by enjoying some of the stories he has written about his life so far. The stories are as diverse, extraordinary, and endlessly interesting as the man who wrote them.

The EKIS/KanColl Volunteers and Managers
19 June 1988

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The Internet

Back in the beginning


Only Yesterday


A Kansan in South Chicago


Living with Dust


The Small Pleasures of Autumn

A True Kansas Sunflower

'All the best, Lynn!' --The EKIS/KanColl Volunteers and Managers

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