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These World War I papers and other items contributed by MARV CRUZAN.

Views of War

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German Propaganda 1

printed text on thin, flimsy paper


     Do your part to put an end to the war! Put an end to your part of it. Stop fighting! That's the simplest way. You can do it, you soldiers, Just stop fighting and the war will end of its own accord. You are not fighting for anything anyway. does it matter who owns Metz or Strassburg, you never saw those towns nor knew the people in them, so what do you care about them? But there is a town back home in little old United States you would like to see and if you keep on fighting here in the hope of getting a look at those old German fortresses you may never see home again.
     The only way to stop the war is to stop fighting; That's easy. Just quit it and slip across "No Man's Land" and join the bunch that s taking it easy there waiting to exchanged and taken home. There is no disgrace in that. That bunch of American prisoners will be welcomed just as warmly as you who stick it out in these infernal trenches. Get wise and get over the top.
     There is nothing in the glory of keeping up the war. But think of the increasing taxes you will have to pay the longer the war lasts The larger those taxes at home will be. Get wise and over.
     All the fine words about glory are tommy rot. You haven't got any business fighting in France. You would better be fighting the money trust at home instead of fighting your fellow soldiers grey over here where it doesn't really matter two sticks to you how the war goes.
     Your country needs you, your family needs you and you need your life for something better than being gassed, shot at, deafened by cannon shots and rendered unfit physically by the miserable life you must live here.
     The tales they tell you of the cruelties of German prison camps are fairy tales. Of course not like being a prisoner of war but anything better than this infernal with no hope of escape except by being wounded after which you will only be sent back for another hole in your body.
     Wake up and stop the war! You can if you want to. Your government does not mean to stop the war for years to come and the years are going to be long and dreary. You better come over while the going is good.

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