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These World War I papers and other items contributed by MARV CRUZAN.

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Music Program

music program

by the MASSED BANDS of the 89th DivisionBy permission of the Division Commander Major Gen. Frank L. Winn
800 P. M. Wednesday, April 23rd, 1919
==on occasion of Review of the Division by==
Commander-in-Chief A. E. F. General John J. Pershing, U.S.A.

   March of the Bugle Corps - "Gen. Frank L. Winn" -- Leigh
1. Overture "William Tell" - Rossini
2. Waltz "Wedding of the Winds" - Hall
3. Sextette from "Lucia di Lemmermoor" - Donizetti
4. Songs A. . . May Morning - Denza
               B. . . The Americans Come - Fay Foster
               Miss Grace Ewing
5. Selection "Faust" - Gounod
6. Oddity "Lassus Trombone" - Fillmore


   March of the Bugle Corps - "Gen. Frank L. Winn" -- Leigh
1. Fantasia . . . Hungarian - Tobani
2. Humoreske - Dvorak
3. Descriptive "A Hunting Scene" - Bucalossi
4. Songs A. . . Mother Mc. Crea - Olcott
     B. . . Sunshine of Your Smile - Ray
     Miss Ellen Nickolls
5. Selection "Katinka" - Frimi
6. Potpourri "Americana" - Remick

Director Francis Leigh Capt 353rd Inf.
Bands of the
353rd, 354th, 355th and 356th Inf., 340th, 341st and 342nd Field Arty, 314th Engineers

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