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These World War I photographs and other items contributed by MARV CRUZAN.

Views of War

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Addresses 7
and Faye's Note

pages with addresses and note

Transcription of page on left:

Richard W. McGuirk
809 Blake Ave
Glenwood Sprgs
Benney France Phone 1008

Otto J. Mees
Benney France
So Dak.

George M. Keeney
Corvallis, Oregon
11/27/18 Benney France

W E Dunivan
Richards Colo
Baca, Co
Burg Germany
Jan 29, 1919

Opposite page:

Should you ever
turn to this,
my wish is, that
you'll sometimes
think of me,
and that you
were here in K. C.

Units of those listed above:
Richard W. McGuirk - Cpl. "F" Batt 341st F.A.
Otto J. Mees - Pvt. "F" Batt 341st F.A.
George M. Keeney - Pvt. Medical Detachment
W E Dunivan - Cpl. "F" Batt 341st F.A.

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