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These World War I photographs and other items contributed by MARV CRUZAN.

Views of War

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Transcription of page on left:

Harry H. Nathan
Alamosa, Colorado
4-10-19 Speicher Germany
Army of Occupation

Frank M. Nulph
216 E. Golden
Cripple Creek Colo
4-11-19 Speicher Germany

Karl W. Kadie
611 W. Topeka Ave.
Trinidad, Colo.

Tom. K. Johnson
Garden City
Cass Co Mo

Opposite page:

Mr. M E Henry
2-5-19 Paonia Colo.
Speicher Germany

Mr. Willis A Brown
2-13-19 Olathe Colo.
Speicher Germany

Marshall M Taylor
3-13-19 Durango Colorado
Speicher Germany

Martin J. Stoltz
Sturgis, So. Dak.
Speicher Germany

Harry E. Cotter
4-4-19 Olathe Colo.
Speicher Germany

Units of those listed above:
Harry H. Nathan - Pvt. "F" Batt 341st F.A.
Frank M. Nulph - Sgt. "F" Batt 341st F.A.
Karl W. Kadie - Cpl. "F" Batt 341st F.A.
Tom. K. Johnson - Stable Sgt. "F" Batt 341st F.A.
Mr. M E Henry - Cpl. "F" Batt 341st F.A.
Mr. Willis A Brown - Sgt. "F" Batt 341st F.A.
Marshall M Taylor - Cpl. "F" Batt 341st F.A.
Martin J. Stoltz - Sgt. "B" Batt 341st F.A.
Harry E. Cotter - Cpl. "F" Batt 341st F.A.

3-d blue line

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