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These World War I photographs and other items contributed by MARV CRUZAN.

Views of War

3-d blue line

Addresses 1

first facing pages of addresses

Transcription of page on left:

Mrs. Ola Cruzan
Kansas City
1120 Tenny ave Kans

Mr Joe Schroeder
2222 Kansas City
Richardson ave Kans

Mr Harry M. Cruzan
[crossed out: "Kansas City"]
[crossed out: "1108 N. 17st St."] Kans
Shashone Idaho
c/o W. R. Ritter
Route #6

Opposite page:

1500 [crossed out: "Eas"] East pine St
Mrs Myrtle Winston
[line crossed out: "1244 East Wall St"]
Fort Scott Kans
U.S.A. [This part crossed out: "115 N. Little St"]

Allen Ramey
1743 Cleveland
Kansas City ave
Kans Bell
West 4043R Phone

Note: Mrs. Ola Cruzan was Benjamin Cruzan's mother. Mr. Harry M. Cruzan was an older brother. Mrs. Myrtle Winston was an older sister.

3-d blue line

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