The Encyclopedia Britannica has reviewed over 125,000 sites to identify "the world's best Web sites" for their online research center. KanColl is rated at four stars out of a possible five (Superior); a number of our individual selections are given one or two stars (Noteworthy and Recommended) in their own right. The review notes:

"Remarkable collection of documents, photographs, articles, and exhibits affording both personal and scholarly views of Kansas history. Provides primary sources (letters, diaries, reminiscences, references, biographies, photographs, postcards, and portraits) and secondary sources (extensive bibliographies, selections from books, articles, and online exhibits of Kansas history). Highlights include pages on 'Bleeding Kansas,' the 'Orphan Trains,' and personal reminiscences of Kansas life. Compelling, well-organized, and elegantly presented, this collection brings the past to life."

Bringing the past to life -- this is exactly why our volunteers work so hard, and our contributors so generously donate materials to KanColl, to make sure that the voices of the past can be heard again today. Such recognition from the Encyclopedia Britannica means a great deal to us, and we hope that as you browse the KanColl pages, you will find that the past has come to life for you as well.