Memorial of Edward C. D. Lines

Contributed and transcribed by

Matt Balocca

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and Susan Stafford

Notes on Transcription:

In the first few pages I left numbers out, just as they were left out in the original book. Within the body I inserted the omited page numbers in italics.  I left many misspellings in the text for historical accurancy. Here is a list of misspelled words you can check before you e-mail:

Sharpe's (p. 5); self-defence (p. 5); imperilled (alternate spelling, pg. 13); lustre (British spelling p. 14); defence (p. 15); unequalled (alternate spelling, p. 18); minnie (p. 26); centre (British spelling p. 27); plough (British spelling p. 30).  Many hyphenated words, like "to-day" were they proper spelling of the time, but are no longer hyphenated.

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