Old Settlers' Tales by F. F. Crevecoeur


PAGE 6--Maria and Lemira Furman were full sisters to I. H. and Daniel. Lemira went back to New York in 1862. It was Maria who married Elijah Collins. Mrs. Annetta Furman, Miles Furman's widow, married Lyman Clark, and is living in Oklahoma with her son, Orra.

PAGE 10--Moses Day was not addicted to the tobacco habit; what the Indian said when he inquired for Mr. Day was: "Where is the Chemoky man!" (Chemoky means "white," in Pottawatomie Indian language.

PAGE 13--It was Almon Benton and his family, instead of Furman's, who wore the sabots while living at Oskaloosa. Almon Benton and Miles Furman were cousins. I. H. Furman married Louisa Campbell, an adopted daughter of Mrs. Ellison, his stepmother, and was known by the later name.

PAGE 33--S. Grossnickle (Mrs. A. Clark) was the first teacher they had in the Rolling Prairie district, and the first term was held in A. McClellan's house.

There came with Wm. C. Garrett, when he moved here, in addition to those mentioned, Sirena Winscott, a daughter of J. W. Garrett's sister. Nettie Garrett's name was overlooked in enumerating J. W. Garrett's children. Wm. C. Garrett first settled on the "Krames" instead of "Krous" farm.

PAGE 54--John Points married Allie Stewart, of Manhattan.

PAGE 45--William Colwell, Joe's son, was born while the latter was living on what is now the Garner place. Joseph Colwell did not shoe oxen, as we have it.

PAGE 44--Charles Grover came here a widower and married Maria Organ in October, 1876.

PAGE 70--Elmer Hoover's name should have been mentioned in connection with Henry Hoover's family, while mentioning of the two girls, Bessie and Belle, would make them older than they are.

PAGE 84--It was J. H. "Armstrong, "instead of "Heinstrong," who was treasurer of the Pleasant Valley district in 1870.

PAGE 85--William "Wiler," not "Wilson," who built the frame school house in that district in the year 1871.

PAGE 89--Mr. Steinnon's oldest son was John, instead of George. It was Mrs. Atwater's father who came to live with Mrs. Atwater in 1872.

PAGE 95--Mr. Peyrouse moved to Neuchatel, instead of Mitchell, in 1874.

PAGE 101--It was in 1865 that Mort Grover found the murdered man, on Mound creek.

PAGE 102--Thornton Kelly's adopted son's name was Potts. His wife's name is Julia.

PAGE 100--Mrs. A. J. Noble died in October, 1894.

PAGE 87--It was Perry White, instead of Perry Taylor, who stood up with Steve Eytchison in the spelling contest at Pleasant Valley.

PAGE 151--August Sandoz was married in 1871, instead of 1881.


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