Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska

Stanton County Names
Produced by Ted & Carole Miller and Connie Snyder.

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Adams, M. S. Stanton: Business Adams, M. S. Pilger Adams, M. S. Stanton: Societies Althouse, H. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Avery, J. L. Stanton: Biographical Sketches Avery, J. L. Stanton: Business Avery, John L. Stanton: Societies Axen, Agge Organization Backenmeyer, F. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Baily, George Early History Bankow, M. P. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Barr, Robert Early History Beard, Jesse Organization Becher, Frank Means of Communication Belz, L. Early History Belz, Ludwig Stanton: Churches Biehle, Fred Early History Biehle, Fred Stanton: Early History Biehle, Frederick Stanton: Churches Boelder, Mr. and Mrs. John Stanton: Churches Bortoff, Andrew Early History Bowman, Eli Early History Bowman, W. L. Early History Bowman, W. L. Stanton: Biographical Sketches Bowman, W. L. (Dr.) Stanton: Biographical Sketches Bowman, W. L. (Dr.) Stanton: Early History Boyed, J. M. (Dr.) Stanton: Biographical Sketches Bremer, Julius Stanton: Churches Bremer, Mrs. Stanton: Churches Brome, Levi Stanton: Business Burger, George (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Butler, E. S. Early History Butler, E. S. (Capt.) Stanton: The Press Cady, C. L. Stanton: Biographical Sketches Canfield, S. S. Organization Canfield, S. S. Stanton: Biographical Sketches Canfield, S. S. Stanton: Business Canfield, S. S. Stanton: Public School Canfield, Samuel Stanton: Societies Clark, H. W. Stanton: Societies Cook, Fred Early History Deborde, Jack Early History Densmore, Stanton Densmore, C. M. Stanton: Early History Densmore, C. M. Stanton: Societies Densmore, Charles M. Stanton: Churches Densmore, Mrs. Lucy E. Stanton: Churches Draube, August Early History Eberly, J. Organization Eberly, J. Stanton: Biographical Sketches Eberly, J. Stanton: Societies Eberly, John Stanton: Societies Ehrhardt, John A. Stanton: Early History Eswein, C. Early History Evans, Stanton: Biographical Sketches Everson, J. L. Stanton: The Town Site Everson, John Early History Fletcher, George B. Stanton: The Press Frasa, F. A. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Freese, W. A. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Freiberg, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Stanton: Churches Frost, F. A. Stanton: Public School Gill, A. N. Early History Graves, Arthur Stanton: Business Graves, George Early History Graves, George Stanton: Biographical Sketches Graves, George Stanton: The Town Site Gray, Attorney Organization Greeley, Horace Stanton: Biographical Sketches Hayes, S. W. Stanton: Societies Helmerick, Fred Early History Helmerick, Frederick Stanton: Early History Helmerick, Judge Early History Heyse, Paul Early History Heyse, Paul Organization Heywood, C. F. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Hinkle, Emma Early History Hoffman, Ida Early History Hoffman, Jacob Early History Hoffman, Jacob Organization Hoffman, Jacob Stanton: Business Holman, S. L. Means of Communication Holman, S. L. Stanton: The Town Site Hopper, John J. Stanton: Churches Hopper, Mrs. Jennie Stanton: Churches Horsham, John Stanton: Societies Hume, R. Early History Inhelder, M. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Jensmore, Early History Johnson, Joseph Organization Jonas, W. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Kendall, Early History Kendall, Stanton: Early History Kendall, Stanton Kendall, R. J. Stanton: Societies Kendall, W. L. Stanton: Biographical Sketches Kendall, W. L. Stanton: The Town Site Kendall, William Organization Kendall, William Stanton: Early History Kendall, William Stanton: Societies Kennedy, H. Early History Kidder, J. W. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Kidder, J. W. (Rev.) Stanton: Early History King, I. W. Early History Kinney, Alex Early History Lamb, C. L. Early History Lamb, C. L. Stanton: The Town Site Lamb, Charles Stanton: Societies Lane, Mrs. Dr. Stanton: Churches Lane, N. S. (Dr.) Stanton: Biographical Sketches Layton, I. R. Early History Layton, J. R. Organization Lehman, L. C. Stanton: Churches Lehman, L. C. Stanton: The Town Site Leuthauser, August (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Ley Brothers Stanton: Business Ley, Carl Stanton: Societies Ley, Karl Stanton: Biographical Sketches Ley, Karl Stanton: The Town Site Ley, Lewis Early History Ley, Lewis Stanton: Biographical Sketches Ley, Lewis Stanton: Early History Ley, Lewis Stanton: Societies Ley, Lewis Stanton: The Press Lipka, William Stanton: Churches Loney, W. Stanton: Business Loney, W. Stanton: Churches Loney, William Stanton: Societies Loomer, Allen Stanton: Biographical Sketches Lovett, J. S. Early History Lovett, N. C. Early History Lovett, W. D. Early History Lovett, W. D. Stanton: Societies Lowery, R. Early History Lowry, R. M. Stanton: Societies Mack, Fred Early History Mack, Tobias Early History Mack, Tobias Organization Mack, Tobias Stanton: Biographical Sketches Maltbie, Joshua Organization Mascatine, John Early History Mason, Charles Stanton: Early History Matheson, Stanton: Biographical Sketches Matheson, J. G. Early History Matheson, J. G. Organization Matheson, J. G. Pilger McFarland, A. W. Stanton: Societies McFarland, Alec Stanton: Societies McFarland, Alex Early History McFarland, W. S. Stanton: Societies McFarland, W. T. Stanton: Biographical Sketches McFarland, W. T. Stanton: Societies McFarland, William T. Stanton: Early History McGiverin, F. Stanton: Public School McGiverin, F. Stanton: Societies McGiverin, F. Stanton: The Town Site McKasson, S. W. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches McKenzie, James Stanton: Public School McKenzie, Rose Stanton: Public School McMillan, John Early History McMillan, Robert Early History Merritt, S. H. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Mewis, Fred Early History Mewis, Herman Early History Mewis, Lewis Early History Milligan, Thomas Early History Mosher, E. W. Early History Murphy, Miss Ella Stanton: Churches Murphy, Mr. Stanton: Public School Murphy, Mrs. Sarah Stanton: Churches Nelson, Jeus Early History Nye, Adam Early History Nye, Cornelius Organization Nye, Cornelius Stanton: Early History Nye, Mr. Jonas Organization Oberg, R. Early History Peters, Alex Early History Peters, Oliver Early History Pflaum, I. P. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Pilger, Adam Stanton: The Town Site Poessnecker, Julius Early History Poessnecker, Julius Stanton: Societies Poessnecker, Julius Stanton: The Town Site Pray, A. R. Stanton: Societies Psawitz, Frederick Stanton: Churches Rickley, John J. Means of Communication Ritchey, J. E. Stanton: Societies Robertson, F. H. Stanton: The Press Robinson, J. S. Stanton: Churches Rogers, H. Early History Rohl, Otto (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Runyan, W. Stanton: Societies Rustemeyer, John Early History Schauble, Andrew Early History Scherer, H. Early History Schuman, Claus Stanton: Churches Schwartz, Carl Early History Schwartz, Carl Stanton: Churches Scott, Francis Early History Scott, Francis Organization Sharp, Charles Early History Sharp, M. B. Early History Sharp, M. B. Organization Sharp, M. B. Stanton: Business Sharp, Mitchell Early History Sharp, W. T. Stanton: Public School Sharp, William T. Organization Slater, J. H. Stanton: The Press Snyder, Fred Early History Sonnenschein, G. Early History Sonnenschein, Gustav Early History Spence, A. Organization Spencer, C. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Stanton, Edwin M. Stanton County Stevens, Thomas Early History Stevenson, R. F. Means of Communication Sweet, E. N. Means of Communication Taylor, L. F. Stanton: Societies Taylor, Lew Stanton: Early History Tomer, A. C. Stanton: Societies Tripp, R. O. Stanton: Societies Underberg, J. D. Early History Vail, Henry A. Stanton: Biographical Sketches Vail, J. H. Pilger Valentine, E. K. Means of Communication Valentine, E. K. Stanton: Societies Vandusen, Job Stanton: Business Wagner, August Stanton: Business Wagoner, August Early History Wagoner, August Organization Warfield, W. (Rev.) Stanton: Churches Welch, Frank Stanton: Societies Whalen, W. D. Early History Whalen, W. D. Organization Wight, John Stanton: Business Wright, John Stanton: Early History Wunner, John Early History York, S. B. Stanton: Societies Zahn, Mrs. Stanton: Early History Zanders, Frederick Stanton: Churches Zillmer, Mr. and Mrs. August Stanton: Churches

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