Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska

Pierce County Names
Produced by Ted & Carole Miller and Connie Snyder.

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Alexander, William Plainview Apfel, Charles A. Pierce: Biographical Sketches Babcock, A. J. Organization and Statistics Babcock, A. J. Pierce Blank, Henry Plainview Braasch, Mary Pierce: Biographical Sketches Brisso, Albert Organization and Statistics Brown, J. H. Pierce: Biographical Sketches Brown, J. H. County Seat & County Bonds Brown, J. H. Early Settlements Brown, J. H. Organization and Statistics Brown, J. H. Pierce Buckner, J. P. (Dr.) Pierce: Biographical Sketches Burnham, George Plainview Chilvers, William B. Pierce: Biographical Sketches Chilvers, William B. Early Settlements Chilvers, William B. Plainview Dean, Jarvis Plainview Dedlow, Fred Plainview Dowling, Daniel Plainview Frady, Charles H. Organization and Statistics Gould, James Plainview Griebenow, Carl Organization and Statistics Hall, Mr. Pierce: Biographical Sketches Hall, Wilson Pierce: Biographical Sketches Hawkins, Thomas Plainview Hepfinger, Jacob Colberger Hetzel, George D. Pierce Holley, Henry Plainview Horton, Mr. Pierce: Biographical Sketches Huebner, A. J. Early Settlements Huebner, A. J. Organization and Statistics Huebner, Christian Early Settlements Hutchins, Silas Plainview Kincaid, Elizabeth Colberger Kincaid, S. W. Colberger Klitzke, Wilhelm Colberger Kuhl, Frederic Colberger Lucas, Mrs. Robert S. Pierce Lucas, R. S. Early Settlements Lucas, R. S. Organization and Statistics Lucas, R. S. Pierce Lucas, Robert (elder, Gov.) Pierce: Biographical Sketches Lucas, Robert S. Pierce: Biographical Sketches Menow, August Organization and Statistics Mewis, H. R. Pierce: Biographical Sketches Mewis, H. R. Organization and Statistics Mewis, H. R. Pierce Mewis, H. R. Plainview Nenow, August Early Settlements Pugh, G. W. Pierce: Biographical Sketches Rautenberg, Emma Colberger Rautenberg, Frederic Colberger Rose, Albert Plainview Rose, Charles Plainview Schoonover, Bailey Plainview Seebring, John Plainview Sharot, J. B. Pierce Sohl, J. (Rev.) Colberger Starr, John C. Plainview Verges, T. C. Organization and Statistics Weare, George County Seat & County Bonds Weatherby, E. P. Pierce: Biographical Sketches

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