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Howard County
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Howard County | Natural Features and Products | First Settlements
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Howard County in 1874 | Gov. Brisbin's Statistics
Progress of the County | The Flood of 1881
The Murder of Lubin Paxton | Present Condition of the County


St. Paul:  Early History | Improvements | A Frightful Tragedy
Newspapers | Societies | Churches | Other Matters of Interest
Biographical Sketches


St. Paul :  Biographical Sketches (cont.)
Dannebrog | St. Libory

List of Illustrations in Howard County Chapter

Part 4

   HENRY FRIEND, has charge of the large dry goods house ofWolbach Bros., first came to Grand Island, Neb., in 1880, and went into the employ of the above named firm, continued there three months, then moved to St. Paul and took charge of the above named house. Born in New York City, January 22, 1854; lived in his native city until 1875. Then he became engaged in various kinds of business; was in the cigar trade, on his own account, some time. He is a member of the K. of H., also a member of the B'nai Brith, a Jewish organization and social association.

   O. M. GOLDSBERRY, Sheriff of Howard Co., Neb., came to St. Paul in the spring of 1872, and engaged in blacksmithing until January, 1881; then he became sheriff; being elected in the fall of 1881. He was born in Madison Co., Ohio, April 22, 1835; lived in native State until the fall of 1848; moved to Warren Co., Ind., and farmed a year. Family then moved to Mercer Co. Ill., and farmed ten years. He then began blanksmithing; worked three years, and then enlisted in August, 1862, in Company G, One Hundred and Second Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry; participated in battles of Atlanta, Sherman's campaign from Chattanooga to Atlanta; then from the latter city, on march to the sea; and in all the engagements attending the latter campaign. Then through the Carolinas to Raleigh, N. C. Mustered out in Washington, D. C., June 6, 1865. He then returned to Mercer Co., Ill. and resumed his trade until 1868. Moved to Toledo, Tama Co., Iowa, and followed his trade for four years; then to St. Paul, Neb. Married in Henderson, Knox Co., Ill., in 1868, to Miss Lydia A. Ross of latter place. They have two children, Hubert W., and Edward R. Mr. Goldsberry is a member of the Canby Post, No. 8, Grand Army Republic, St. Paul, Neb.

   JAMES P. GORDON, proprietor meat market--sells all kinds of fresh and salt meats--opened trade January 23, 1882; employes three men; has a capital of $600 invested in the business. He located in Howard Co. in the spring of 1872 on a homestead; farmed and raised stock nine years. Then moved to St. Paul and engaged in the above named business. Born in Knox Co., Ill., July 13, 1849. Married in Grand Island, June 11, 1872, to Miss Emma Richards, of Homer, N. Y. They have four children, Rena M., Eva A., Cora B. and Inez. Mr. Gordon is a member of the K. of H., of St. Paul, Neb.

   HENRY HANSEN, has charge of a large store consisting of a general stock of merchandise owned by M. D. Haddox, carrying a stock of about $6,000 worth. He first located in Grand Island in March, 1881; engaged as music teacher until he came to St. Paul, June 10, 1881. Born in Germany, January 16, 1841; attended private musical schools, and was a member of a military band for a number of years. Came to America in 1868, locating in Toledo, Ohio; taught music and clerked in store five years. Then to La Mars, Iowa, in similar employment, about three years; to Storm Lake, Ida Grove, Odebolt and Mapleton, teaching music in all the above named places. Married September 8, 1881, Mrs. Jennie Watson, of Jackson Co., Iowa. He then went with the Northwestern Quadrille Band three months, and finally located in Grand Island, Neb. He was a member of the Prussian army eight years, and participated in thirty-seven battles between Denmark and Prussia; afterward in the war between Austria and Prussia.

   R. HARVEY, surveyor and draughtsman, first came to Omaha, Neb., in 1869, and engaged in surveying, which business he has since followed; has been United States Deputy Surveyor for twelve years; two years in Omaha; located at St. Paul, in April, 1877. Was County Surveyor of Howard Co. in 1872, '73 and '76. Born in Ashland Co., Ohio, January 4, 1845; lived in native State eight years; lived in Noble Co., Ind., ten years; Adrian, Mich., four years. He entered the Adrian College, and there gained a knowledge of surveying. Enlisted in August, 1862, in Company D, Seventy-Fourth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry; participated in the battle at Perryville. Mustered out in Gallatin, Tenn., 1863. Married in Indiana, 1868, to Miss E. H. Ames, of Coldwater, Mich. Had four children, Flora E. is living, Adella M., Frank L. and Bertha E. have recently died. Mr. Harvey is a member of Canby Post, No. 8, Grand Army Republic.

   HARRY HILL, dealer in a general line of household furniture, picture frames, coffins and caskets; keeps a first-class hearse, for which he paid $750, opened trade March 1, 1882, and carries a stock of three thousand dollars. Mr. Hill first came to Grand Island, Neb., September, 1881, and clerked in a store until March following, then opened trade in St. Paul. He was born in Vergennes, Vt. in 1850; lived in native State a number of years. Moved to Waukegan, Ill. and lived five years; then to California and lived twelve years; returned to Rockford, Ill., and clerked some time, from there to Grand Island, Neb.

   CHAS. JACKSON, Deputy County Treasurer. He came to Howard Co. and took a claim, September, 1872, three miles northwest of St. Paul; moved on same in March following, and farmed three years. In connection with the above named office, he was first elected County Treasurer in the fall of 1873; re-elected in the fall of 1875 and '77, serving six years; appointed Deputy in 1878. He is Chairman of the Village Board of Trustees. Born in England, December 15, 1836; came to America in 1849 with his parents, and settled in Conk Co., Ill. where they lived until 1860; then engaged in farming in Benton Co., Iowa, until 1872. Married in Bureau Co., Ill., September 21, 1863, to Miss Sarah R. Burris, of latter county; they have six children, Mary J., Lucia A., James W., Harry H., Chas. C. and Emma.

   PETER JOHNSON, firm Jacobson & Johnson, dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, provisions, etc., opened trade January 4, 1881; carry a stock Of $3,500 in general line goods. Mr. Johnson was born in Denmark, May 6, 1851. Came to America in the spring of 1872; worked on a farm on Long Island for some time; two years in Jersey; then to Chicago, ILL., and followed various occupations; worked in coal mines in latter State and Indiana for four years; then to St. Paul, Minn., into the commission business, and there met his present partner. From St. Paul to Dakota, remained there for some time, finally went to Omaha, and from thence to St. Paul, Neb.

   ANTHONY JACOBSON, firm of Jacobson & Johnson, dealers in general merchandise, located in St. Paul, Neb., April 1, 1881, and became a partner in the above named business. Born in Denmark, July 8, 1854; came to America in 1872 and settled in Marquette Co., Wis.; farmed four years; remained about eighteen months afterward, and then went to Salt Lake City, Utah. Worked in a smelting mill about a year, then returned to Marquette Co., Wis., and lived during the winter, and returned to Salt Lake City the following spring. Mr. Jacobson has had much experience in the Great West, and is certainly well acquainted with the characteristics and varying features of frontier life, as he has traveled extensively in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah. He was married in Omaha, Neb., December, 22, 1881, to Miss Anna Johnson, a native of Denmark, Europe. Born in May, 1860.

   A. A. KENDALL, Postmaster and editor of the Phonograph; firm of Kendall & Bartlett. He was appointed Postmaster of the St. Paul post office, March, 1881, and took charge of the same in July. He first came to Omaha in July, 1870, and clerked in a grocery store until May, 1871, when he came to St. Paul, Neb. and engaged with his brothers, George T. and A. G. Kendall, in stock raising for four years. Farmed until 1877; made a trip to the Black Hills in the fall of 1877; moved into St. Paul, and was Deputy Sheriff of Howard Co. in 1878-79. Bought an interest in the Phonograph in 1880. He was born in Janesville, Rock Co., Wis., March 3, 1851. His parents moved to Woodford, Vt., when he was a child; lived in the latter State until he came to Nebraska. He was married in Howard Co., Neb., in 1873, to Miss Mariette A. Bartlett, of Richford, Wis. They have two children, Charles L. and Earle H. E. Mr. Kendall is a member of the K. of H., of St. Paul, Neb.

   O. M. KNIPPLE, dealer in groceries, provisions, etc., opened trade in August, 1880, carries a stock of about $4,000, employs two clerks. Located in St. Paul at the time he began business. Born in South Bend, Ind., January 12, 1853. Was employed for many years as traveling salesman in a wholesale grocery house. Previous to that, had followed railroading and purchasing produce, etc.

   J. C. LEWIS, farmer, located in St. Paul, Neb., in April, 1871, taking a homestead now adjoining the village site. He has laid out about sixty acres of same into city lots. Mr. Lewis assisted in locating the county seat at St. Paul, being one of the first County Commissioners appointed in April, 1871, by the Probate Judge of Platte Co. Elected October, 1871, first County Clerk of Howard Co. He now owns about 100 acres of original claim all under cultivation. Has forty-seven acres of timbered land at the junction of Loup River and Turkey Creek, and 160 acres of land in Polk Co. Born in Upper Sandusky, Wyandot Co., Ohio, May 30, 1829; lived in native State until fall, 1862; united with the North Ohio Conference in 1854. He raised Company I, Thirtieth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the summer of 1861, and appointed First Lieutenant of the same; was associated with Gen. Rosecranz, and afterward with Gen. R. B. Hayes. Was promoted to captaincy after three months' service. Resigned in the latter part of summer, 1862. Moved to Hillsboro, Ill., and united with the Illinois Conference, being connected as an itinerant with same until March, 1871. Married in Zanesville, Ohio, September, 1857, to Miss Mattie L. Adams, a daughter of Benj. Adams, of latter city. They have six children, Arthur B., Cora B., John C., Katie A., Minnie C. and Daisy. Arthur B. established the first newspaper in Greeley Co., 1877, and named it the Greeley Tribune, continued a year, then began the Phonograph, in St. Paul, Neb., sold out the latter in 1880. He is now attending the Ohio Wesleyan University, at Delaware, Ohio. Mr. L. is a member of Canby Post No. 8, of St. Paul, Neb.

   THOMPSON McNABB, attorney-at-law, County Surveyor, and Clerk of the village of St. Paul, also agent for Touseland lands in Howard Co. Has 10,000 acres of land for private parties on sale. Mr. McNabb located in St. Paul, March, 1871; began the study of law in 1878; admitted to bar practice, District Court, April 19, 1881. Was County Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1872, '73, '76, '77. Appointed County Surveyor in February, 1882. Born in Centre Co., Pa., September 10, 1842. Enlisted May 10, 1861 in Company G, Twenty First Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and served three months. Re-enlisted in Company B, Thirty-Sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, participated in battles of South Mountain, Antietam, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge. Being wounded by a gun shot in the left limb. Mustered out at Columbus, Ohio, August 27, 1864. He re-enlisted as Color-bearer of the One Hundred and Ninety-fourth Regiment Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry and served eight months. Mustered out October 25, 1865; after which he was a student, spending some time in Minnesota, previous to coming to Nebraska. Married in Gallia Co., Ohio, December 12, 1869, to Miss Susan L. Curry, of latter place. They have six children, Clara B., James C., Charlie E., Sadia M., Neva and Vertia E. He is a member of Canby Post No. 8., Grand Army Republic, also a member of the St. Paul Lodge No. 82, A. F. & A. M.

   GEORGE NORTON, firm of Norton & Pine, dealers in a general stock of household furniture, wall paper, and everything in the furniture line. They also manufacture a large amount in their line. Opened trade August 10, 1880; carry a stock of about $2,000; employ three men. Erected their building in May, 1881, size of which is 22x60 feet, 22 feet high, with an addition of 12x22 feet. Mr. Norton located in York Co., Neb., and farmed for three years; went to York Centre and did cabinet work until he moved to St. Paul. Born in Watertown, N. Y., February 17, 1844. His parents, with family. moved to Waupaca County, Wis., when he was a lad of twelve years. Lived in the latter county until he came to Nebraska. Enlisted, January 1, 1864, in Company B, Thirty-eighth Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and participated in battles Petersburg, Cold Harbor, Weldon R. R., Burnside's Mine, July 4, 1864, Hatch's Run and Pebbles' Farm. Mustered out August 27, 1865. Married in Waupaca County, Wis., July 3, 1871, to Miss Frances Johnson of latter County. Have two children, Samuel S. and Eugene. Mr. Norton is a member of the Canby Post No. 8, Grand Army Republic.

   HENRY NUNN, firm, Darnall & Nunn, attorneys-at-law, loan, real estate, collection and insurance agents, first came to Grand Island, Neb. in 1873, and practiced law until 1880, when he removed to St. Paul and continued the same. Was County Superintendent of schools for Hall Co. two years. Born in England August 9, 1845. Came to America with his parents in 1851; located in Boone Co. Ill., where he lived until 1866. Attended High School in Belvidere, Ill., some time; taught school, etc. Attended State Normal School two years. Studied law in the office of M. M. Boyce & Bro. two years; admitted to bar, Circuit Court, in 1869, and practiced law in Belvidere and Milan until 1873; admitted to bar, District Court, in Grand Island, 1873, and practiced law there until 1880. Married in Schuyler, Neb., 1876, to Miss Ollie M. Hamblin, of Schuyler. They have one son, Webster H. Nunn.

[Portrait of Jas. N. Paul.]

   J. N. PAUL, firm, Paul & Bell, attorneys-at-law, law firm established in October, 1879; they also do a loan and collecting business. Mr. Paul located at St. Paul, Neb., in the spring of 1870; laid out the village plat in the summer of 1871; Mr. P. and brother are the founders of the town. He engaged in Nebraska as a Civil Engineer and Surveyor in 1865, and followed same until 1873; then engaged in the practice of law. Established the Howard County Advocate, continued the publication of the same six years and a half; since which time he has given his whole attention to the law practice. He is agent for U. P. R. R. lands and deals largely in real estate; now owns 600 acres of fine agricultural lands. Was born in Beaver Co., Pa., September 23, 1839. Began the study of law in Ohio, in 1859, went to Kansas in 1865, where he continued the study of law; admitted to bar in St. Paul, 1873. Enlisted 1864 in Company H, One Hundred and Fortieth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and served ninety days. Mustered out in Gallipolis, Ohio. He is a member of the Metropolitan Lodge No. 27, I. O. O. F., of Leavenworth, Kan. Married in Kansas City, Mo., 1869 to Miss Mary F. Paul, of Leavenworth, Kan. Have four children, Charles H., Herbert J., James L. and Willard S. He is a member of Canby Post No. 8, Grand Army Republic.

[Portrait of N. J. Paul.]

   N. J. PAUL, County Treasurer of Howard Co., first located in St. Paul, March 29, 1870. He and his brother were the first settlers in the county, and the founders of St. Paul, laying out the town plat in the summer of 1871. Mr. Paul has been a government surveyor in Nebraska since 1863; he now owns 800 acres of fine land, and deals largely in real estate. He was one of the first County Commissioners; first County Judge, and the first member of the State Legislature from Howard Co.. in 1877-78; was elected County Treasurer in the fall of 1879, re-elected in the fall of 1881. He was born in Meigs Co., Ohio, July 27, 1841. Came west in 1863, and was appointed Government Surveyor, which position he has since held. He has been out on surveys for months at a time without seeing a white person save only his party. He was married in St. Paul in 1876 to Miss Lucile Walls, of Delphos, Ohio. They have one son, John Jay Paul.

   JOHN C. PHILLIPS, proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, which was erected in 1879, size 26x80, two stories high, with accommodations for forty guests; first-class. He first came to Grand Island in 1878; worked as a carpenter two years and a half; kept the Franklin House one and a half years; then moved to St. Paul, and bought the Commercial House; re-built and re-furnished the same, and opened it in a first-class style. Born in England September 7, 1835; came to America in 1845; located in Mineral Point, Wis. Worked at the carpenter trade and farming, etc. Lived near Chicago eight years, and followed the carpenter trade, then he came to Nebraska; married in Mineral Point, Wis. in 1857, to Miss Elizabeth A. Terrell, a native of England. They have six children. Sarah Frances, Anna Elizabeth, Amelia Jane, Jno. C., Chas. Schuyler and Ethel Mildred. He is a member of Miners' Lodge No. 1., Mineral Point, Wis.

   C. C. ROBINSON, County Clerk of Howard Co., Neb., first came to St. Paul in the spring of 1877 and engaged in various occupations for some time; clerked in a dry goods store until the fall of 1880, at which time he was elected County Clerk to fill a vacancy; re-elected in the fall of 1881 to a full term. Born in Marshall, Calhoun Co., Mich., February 8, 1855; lived in native State until 1877. He graduated from the Michigan State Normal School, in Ypsilanti, Mich. Then he clerked for C. P. Dibble & Son, dry goods merchants of Marshall, Mich., for five years. Married in Grand Island, Neb., January 26, 1881, to Miss Helen Van Pelt. They have one daughter, Helen May. Mr. Robinson is a member and Secretary of the St. Paul Lodge No. 82, A. F. & A. M., and Past Dictator in the K. of H., of St. Paul Lodge No. 2596.

   G. W. SCOTT, County Superintendent of Public Schools of Howard County, and Deputy County Clerk, first came to Nebraska in 1874, and settled in Cass County; followed teaching until 1879; then came to St. Paul and became principal of the village school two years. Elected County Superintendent in the fall of 1881. Born in Leavenworth, Ind., January 10, 1853; lived in his native State until the spring of 1874, when he came to Nebraska. Made teaching his profession in the East. There are forty-seven organized school districts in Howard Co. to date, May 25, 1882. There are thirty schools now in session; thirty-three teachers holding second grade certificates; twenty teachers holding third grade certificates.

   T. R. WALLACE, attorney-at-law, notary public, real estate and insurance agent, special attention given to loans and collections. Mr. Wallace first came to St. Paul, June 1, 1880, and began the practice of law. Born in Guernsey County, Ohio, September 21, 1851. Parents moved to Clinton County, Iowa, in the spring of 1865, and lived on a farm. In the spring of 1868, after the death of his mother, he went to Wyoming. Jones Co., Iowa, and lived with his sister, Mrs. C. C. Horton, and attended school for one year; clerked for W. T. Fordham & Co. in a general merchandise store for about two years; then went to Monmouth, Ill., and clerked in his brother's store for eight months; entered the high school there where he received the highest honors of his class on graduating; then took, a five years' classical course in the Monmouth College, graduating June 17, 1877. His wife graduated in her nineteenth year from the same college in 1879, taking first honors of her class. He came out third in a class of forty-five graduates. He entered the law office of Hon. Lyman Evans, (a brother-in-law) of Bedford, Taylor Co., Iowa, and remained a year and a half. Was admitted to bar May 1, 1880, in Iowa; then he located in St. Paul. He is a member and elder of the Presbyterian Church, and Superintendent of Sabbath School. Married October 20, 1881, in Humboldt, Neb., to Miss Fannie R. Robinson, a native of Vinton, Benton Co., Iowa, a daughter of the late Nelson C. Robinson, who, at time of his death, was Presbyterian Synodical Missionary for the State of Nebraska.

   CHARLES WASMER, dealer in grain, farm implements, etc., opened business in St. Paul in May, 1880. Shipped, from August 1881, to August 1882, six hundred car loads of all kinds of grain and farmer's produce, and during the same time has sold seventy-two McCormick Reapers--implement trade equals about $40,000 per year. Employs during business season about fifteen men. He first located in Grand Island in 1862, farmed four years; went to Omaha in 1866, and clerked in a bank for five years. In 1870 Mr. Wasmer and brother opened a general store, which business they continued a year; then continued the same business in Grand Island until 1879; then engaged in grain and implement business in 1876, in latter city. He was born in Germany, March 17, 1847; came to America in May, 1862. Married in Omaha, in 1871, to Miss Elizabeth Sexauer, of Erie, Pa. They have four children, Carrie R., Oscar Wm., Fred. and Charles P. Mr. Wasmer is a member of Masonic Order and the I. O. O. F.


   This thriving little village is situated about one mile from the South Loup River, and on Oak Creek, about nine miles southwest from St. Paul. It is in the midst of a fine agricultural country, settled by an intelligent and industrious class of people. It is a village of nearly one hundred inhabitants, and has some very fine buildings. Oak Creek runs through the village, and the grist mill being below, a beautiful lake is formed. Here are boats, and it is a favorite resort for the villagers to take an evening boat ride. The water is clear and the scenery presented, though but little varied, is beautiful. The first settlement was made in May, 1871, by a Danish Colony, of Milwaukee, Wis. In the winter of 1872-73, the Dannebrog post office was established, and Lars Hannibal was appointed Postmaster.

   The first house was erected the same winter, and also the first store building by Lars Hannibal. This store was stocked by Petersen & Neilsen.

   In October, 1873, the town was surveyed and platted and the town began to grow. In May, 1874, a newspaper was established by W. H. Mitchell, and an attempt was made to remove the county seat from St. Paul, in the fall of 1874. But at the election which was held, St. Paul won by a small majority, and the newspaper was discontinued. Since that time Dannebrog has been a thriving little village, having a good trade from the surrounding country. There are several business houses, one hotel, one lawyer and one physician. There is one flouring mill, owned and operated by Lars Hannibal, the founder of the town. The mill is run by water power, and does an extensive business, being kept in operation every day, and a fine quality of flour is made.


   This is simply a railroad station, about eleven miles from St. Paul, and midway between that town and Grand Island. This is the center of a farming community, composed largely of Germans.

   There is a depot, hotel, and store here, also a German Catholic Church, which is a very fine building.

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