Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska

Franklin County Names
Produced by Ted & Carole Miller and Connie Snyder.

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Argo, Miss Emma Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Arnold, Ernest Organization Ashburne, B. Early Events Ashburne, B. Riverton Ashburne, Barnett First Settlements Ashburne, Barnett Organization Ashby, Samuel W. Organization Ashby, T. L. Change of County Seat--Elections Atkinson, H. M. Bloomington Auld, John First Settlements Auld, John Riverton Austin, F. J. Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Austin, Frank J. Change of County Seat--Elections Austin, W. H. Franklin: Early Settlement Baker, Henry First Settlements Banks, Eliza Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Banks, H. First Settlements Banks, James First Settlements Barnett, Jacob Bloomington: Crime Beckwith, Richard First Settlements Benjamin, Arthur J. Riverton: Biographical Sketches Benton, Mr. (Rev.) Early Events Black, Isaac Bloomington: Societies Black, J. P. A. Change of County Seat--Elections Black, J. P. A. Bloomington: Societies Blackledge, B. F. Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Bodien, Theo. Bloomington Bowers, William First Settlements Britton, W. T. Bloomington: Societies Brown, Charles H. Naponee: Churches Brown, Daniel Change of County Seat--Elections Brown, Daniel Bloomington: Societies Brown, M. E. Change of County Seat--Elections Bruce, Andrew Franklin: Early Settlement Bruce, Mr. Franklin: Franklin Machine Shops Buck, George Early Events Buck, George Franklin: Early Settlement Buck, George Jr Riverton: Societies Budlong, M. S. Early Events Budlong, M. S. County Societies Burlock, C. E. Early Events Bush, A. H. Change of County Seat--Elections Butler, David Organization Butler, David (Gov.) First Settlements Butler, T. S. First Settlements Byer, Porter B. Change of County Seat--Elections Byerley, William H. Bloomington: Local Institutions Calhoun, J. D. Early Events Calhoun, J. D. Bloomington Calhoun, J. D. Bloomington: The Press Calkins, D. K. Early Events Carlile, C. C. Riverton: Societies Chadwick, E. S. Bloomington Chadwick, E. S. Change of County Seat--Elections Chappel, Isaac First Settlements Childs, C. B. Early Events Childs, C. B. Riverton: Early History Childs, C. B. Riverton: Societies Childs, J. G. Riverton: Biographical Sketches Childs, J. G. Riverton: Societies Clerk, Church Naponee: Churches Coe, C. A. Bloomington: Societies Cole, W. A. Change of County Seat--Elections Cole, William A. Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Connell, W. A. Naponee: Churches Cooper, G. L. Early Events Corbin, John First Settlements Cramer, Roy Naponee Crilly, McKee Riverton: Societies Cross, F. L. Change of County Seat--Elections Crowen, First Settlements Curry, R. D. First Settlements Dake, C. C. Early Events Dake, C. C. Change of County Seat--Elections Dake, C. C. Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Dake, Miss K. L. Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Darby, J. W. Bloomington Davis, Mrs. Jesse Early Events Davis, R. D. Riverton: Societies De Clercq, Mrs. M. S. Change of County Seat--Elections Deary, Adell Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Deary, Arthur Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Deary, Cora Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Deary, J. W. Bloomington Deary, John W. Change of County Seat--Elections Deary, John W. Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Declercq, A. M. Naponee: Biographical Sketches Delano, J. C. Early Events Dodd, Calvin R. Naponee Dorsey, George W. Bloomington: Local Institutions Douglas, Lord Franklin: Franklin Academy Douglas, Miss Estella E. Naponee Douglas, Miss Julia M. Franklin: Franklin Academy Douglass, Miss Estella Naponee: Biographical Sketches Douglass, S. H. Riverton: Societies Dresser, Amos (Rev.) Franklin: Franklin Academy Durand, Franklin Early Events Eastwood, David Change of County Seat--Elections Eaton, Webster Bloomington: Local Institutions Edgerton, David (Rev.) Naponee Elder, S. S. Riverton: Societies Fairchild, Mr. Franklin: Franklin Machine Shops Fish, L. H. Naponee: Churches Flitcroft, Peter Change of County Seat--Elections Fotant, C. H. (Rev.) Bloomington: Local Institutions Fox, Henry Naponee: Churches Fulton, J. D. Riverton: Societies Fulton, R. B. Riverton: Societies Fulton, W. P. Riverton: Societies Furnas, R. B. (Gov.) Early Events Gage, A. R. Early Events Gage, J. D. Change of County Seat--Elections Gage, J. D. Bloomington: Societies Gage, J. D. Naponee: Biographical Sketches Gage, J. D. Naponee Gage, J. D. and Estella Naponee Gage, James D. Riverton: Societies Gage, James D. Naponee Gage, Oscar D. Naponee Gallard, Mr. Naponee Garvin, James Riverton: Societies Gaslin, Judge Bloomington: Crime Giger, Daniel Early Events Glenn, R. A. Riverton: Societies Graff, Jacob Early Events Graham, J. First Settlements Grant, Mr. (Rev.) Bloomington Greenwood, James Change of County Seat--Elections Hager, L. D. Change of County Seat--Elections Hammond, Miss Emma Early Events Hampton, W. S. (Rev.) Naponee: Churches Hampton, W. S. (Rev.) Franklin: Franklin Academy Harman, F. A. Bloomington: Societies Harman, Frank A. Bloomington: Local Institutions Harmon, F. A. Bloomington: Local Institutions Harsch, William F. Riverton: Biographical Sketches Hart, J. P. Bloomington: Societies Hastings, R. D. Bloomington: Societies Hatch, W. E. Bloomington: Societies Hatch, W. E. Riverton: Societies Hatch, William E. Riverton: Societies Herbison, John Bloomington Hildreth, Wilson Naponee: Churches Hisey, Samuel Bloomington: Societies Hobbs, John A. Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Hodworth, J. Riverton: Societies Huffman, John R. Bloomington Huffman, John R. Bloomington: Societies Huffman, John R. Bloomington: The Press Hunter, J. H. First Settlements Hutchinson, John Early Events Hutchinson, John Bloomington: Societies Hutchison, John Riverton: Societies Jones, William Riverton: Societies Kaley, J. L. Change of County Seat--Elections Kaley, J. L. Bloomington: Societies Kelley, J. E. Bloomington Kelley, J. E. Bloomington: Local Institutions Kellogg, Mrs. Bloomington: Local Institutions Kern, Michael J. Riverton: Societies Kirkpatrick, E. A. Early Events Knight, James Early Events Knight, James Organization Koelmel, Ulrich Bloomington Laningham, Mrs. Katie Van First Settlements Litler, H. O. Bloomington: Societies Lohff Bros. Riverton: Early History Lohff, H. C. Riverton: Societies Loyd, W. W. Early Events Loyd, W. W. Change of County Seat--Elections Loyd, W. W. Bloomington: Societies Loyd, William W. Riverton: Societies Lynch, Matthew Organization Mahin, M. F. Change of County Seat--Elections Mahin, M. S. Bloomington: Societies Males, Augustus Bloomington Males, Mrs. Helen M. Bloomington Males, Sol Bloomington Malick, I. H. Change of County Seat--Elections Malick, I. H. Bloomington: Societies Malick, Uriah H. (Dr.) Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Mapes, Moses (Rev.) Naponee: Churches Mapes, Moses (Rev.) Franklin: Early Settlement Marshall, E. H. Bloomington: Local Institutions Marshall, E. H. Bloomington: Societies Marshall, William (Rev.) Naponee: Churches Mason, C. W. Bloomington: Local Institutions McBride, William First Settlements McBride, William Riverton: Societies McDonald, J. R. Change of County Seat--Elections McDonald, J. R. Riverton: Societies McElhenny, D. M. Riverton: Societies Miller, R. F. Change of County Seat--Elections Miller, R. F. Franklin: Early Settlement Mills, Major First Settlements Mills, Miss Mollie Franklin: Early Settlement Mitchell, John R. Riverton: Societies Montgomery, H. Bloomington: Local Institutions Montgomery, H. Bloomington: The Press Montgomery, Richard W. Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Morton, Miss V. Franklin: Early Settlement Moulton, Judge L. M. Early Events Moulton, L. M. Early Events Moulton, L. M. Change of County Seat--Elections Munhall, T. Bloomington: Local Institutions Muxlow, Thomas (Rev.) Riverton: Churches Muxlow, Thomas (Rev.) Naponee: Churches Newsham, James Organization O'Bannon, Mr. Early Events O'Sullivan, Michael First Settlements O'Sullivan, Michael Riverton: Early History O'Sullivan, Sarah Riverton: Early History Oakley, R. H. Bloomington: Societies Owney, Bedford Riverton Owney, Redford First Settlements Patch, Ashley Bloomington: Local Institutions Patch, Ashley Bloomington: Societies Peery, J. A. Early Events Peery, Maude Early Events Peery, Miss Elizabeth J. Early Events Peery, Miss Maria Early Events Perry, J. A. Organization Perry, Prof. Franklin: Franklin Academy Phillips, James R. Riverton: Churches Pickering, S. S. Bloomington: Societies Pierce, C. A. Change of County Seat--Elections Pierstaff, W. F. Riverton: Societies Pomeroy, Thomas First Settlements Porter, First Settlements Potter, Mr. Franklin: Early Settlement Powell, Miss Maggie Franklin: Early Settlement Powell, W. B. First Settlements Powell, W. B. Organization Pugsley, G. L. Early Events Pugsley, J. F. Early Events Pugsley, J. F. Organization Pugsley, J. F. County Societies Pugsley, Joseph F. Sr Riverton: Biographical Sketches Rankin, Col. First Settlements Ray, John S. Change of County Seat--Elections Razee, S. R. Riverton: Biographical Sketches Reams, James T. Franklin: Early Settlement Rice, George Franklin: Early Settlement Rice, Mr. Franklin: Early Settlement Rich, A. L. Bloomington Richardson, William Bloomington: Crime Riley, William H. First Settlements Robb, H. W. Franklin: Early Settlement Roberts, George Naponee Roberts, James Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Schlegal, Miss Rosa Naponee Schnack, Peter Franklin: Early Settlement Schobel, Basil Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Scott, Walter A. Bloomington: Local Institutions Sellers, J. M. Riverton: Societies Shaffer, J. J. Bloomington: Local Institutions Shepardson, Isaac Riverton: Societies Shepardson, Mr. Riverton: Early History Shepherdson, Isaac Riverton: Biographical Sketches Sheppard, G. W. Bloomington: Societies Sheppard, G. W. Riverton: Societies Sheppard, G. W. Franklin: Early Settlement Sheppard, George W. Change of County Seat--Elections Sheppard, George W. Bloomington: Societies Sheppard, W. W. Bloomington: Societies Shoemaker, Thomas Organization Silvers, John Riverton: Early History Simmons, John Early Events Simmons, John E. Organization Stanslow, Jacob Early Events Starkey, O. B. Early Events Stevens, A. B. Riverton: Societies Strong, J. M. (Rev.) Franklin: Early Settlement Strong, J. W. (Rev.) Naponee: Churches Sutton, S. C. Change of County Seat--Elections Switzer, S. W. Bloomington Switzer, S. W. Bloomington: Local Institutions Switzer, S. W. Bloomington: Societies Switzer, Simon W. Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Taylor, S. First Settlements Thomas, T. G. Naponee: Churches Thompson, J. W. First Settlements Thompson, James L. Early Events Thompson, James W. First Settlements Thompson, William Riverton Thompson, William C. First Settlements Thompson, William C. Riverton Tinkham, J. L. Change of County Seat--Elections Townsend, C. R. Bloomington: Local Institutions Townsend, C. R. (Rev.) Franklin: Early Settlement Townsend, Charles H. Early Events Townsend, Mr. (Rev.) Riverton: Early History Townsend, P. W. (Rev.) Early Events Van Duser, Rev. Mr. Naponee: Churches Van Etten, David First Settlements Van Etten, David Organization Van Laningham, C. J. Early Events Van Laningham, C. J. First Settlements Van Laningham, C. J. Organization Van Laningham, Judge Early Events Vancil, F. M. Bloomington: The Press Vancil, Frank M. Bloomington Vancil, Frank M. Change of County Seat--Elections Vancil, Frank M. Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Vancil, Mrs. Bloomington:Biographical Sketches Vining, Charles Organization Vollintine, Mr. Riverton: Early History Walker, C. H. Bloomington: Local Institutions Walker, Charles H. Bloomington: Local Institutions Walther, A. First Settlements Walther, A. Naponee Walther, Richard First Settlements Walther, Richard Organization Walther, Richard Naponee Walthers, Richard Organization Way, George A. (Prof.) Franklin: Franklin Academy Wells, H. C. Change of County Seat--Elections Werner, R. B. First Settlements Werner, R. B. Naponee Werner, Romeo B. Naponee Weston, A. J. Early Events Weston, A. J. Change of County Seat--Elections Weston, A. J. County Societies Weston, Dr. A. J. Early Events Whiting, John W. (Rev.) Early Events Whitney, Mrs. M. L. Bloomington: Societies Whitney, N. L. Change of County Seat--Elections Wilkinson, Charles Bloomington: Crime Williams, P. A. Riverton: Societies Wood, J. R. Bloomington: Local Institutions Worth, J. Bloomington: Societies Worthing, Evan Bloomington: Local Institutions Wyant, D. M. Change of County Seat--Elections Yeiser, George O. (Rev.) Naponee: Churches Zediker, Arthur Burdette Franklin: Franklin Academy Zediker, Ida E. Franklin: Franklin Academy Zediker, J. F. Early Events Zediker, J. F. Riverton: Societies Zediker, J. F. Naponee: Churches Zediker, James F. Franklin: Franklin Academy Zediker, Julia Franklin: Franklin Academy Zediker, Lois Jesse Franklin: Franklin Academy Zediker, Mrs. Julia M. Early Events Zediker, Wilmot E Franklin: Franklin Academy Zediker, Zem Zee Franklin: Franklin Academy Zediker, Zerelda Z. Franklin: Franklin Academy

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