Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Produced by Elva Ambrosek.

Part 4


J. L. KINNEY, proprietor Upton House, Schuyler, Neb. The hotel contains twenty-four sleeping rooms and can accommodate forty guests. Mr. K. began business in it June 1, 1881. He first located at Dry Creek, Colfax County, six miles north of Schuyler, and farmed twelve years, now owns 200 acres of good farming land which he still has carried on. He was born in Greene Co., Pa, November 6, 1835, lived in his native place until 1855, when he moved to Lincoln, Ill., and engaged in farming and hotel keeping. He enlisted in August, 1862, Company F, Seventy-third Regiment, Illinois Infantry, participated in twenty-six different engagements, not including many skirmishes, was wounded five times, but was not in the hospital to exceed ten days. Was mustered out in Nashville, Tenn., and was discharged and paid off at Springfield, Ill., March 10, 1867. He was married in the latter city December 19, 1861, to Miss Catherine Coukle, a native of Dayton, Ohio. He has two children by first wife, Bettie and Jesse L., the latter assisting his father in the hotel. Mrs. Kinney died in the fall of 1866. Mr. Kinney was again married in 1868, in Lincoln, Ill., to Miss Symantha Kern, a native of Monongahela County, W. Va.

CARL KREYMBORG, firm of Duras & Kreymborg, came to Fremont in 1873, and learned the butcher trade and remained in latter city four years. Then went to Scribner, Dodge County, and kept a meat market one year, sold and moved to Hooper, in same county, and followed the business two years. Then moved to Schuyler, and began business as above in 1878. Was married in Scribner, in June, 1877, to Miss Augusta Dahl, a native of Germany. They have three children, Ferdinand, Carl and Otto. He is a member of K. of H., No. 954; Also a member of Schuyler Fire Department. He was born in Germany, November 23, 1840. Came to America in 1868, to remain. He followed the sailor's life on the lakes four or five years before going to Fremont, Neb. He began a seafaring life at the age of sixteen years and followed that occupation until 1868, beginning as a cabin boy one year, two years as light sailor, three years as first-class sailor. Went to navigation school six months, passed examination and served two years as second mate, returned to same school and after due time passed a satisfactory examination, and served three years as first mate.

JNO. LAPACHE, County Clerk of Colfax County, and Clerk of District Court. He first settled in Schuyler, in November, 1868, and clerked in a general store about three years, after which clerked in a hardware store five years and eight months, then clerked in a general merchandise store a short time, when he went to Fremont, Neb., and clerked in a hardware store three years, then came to Schuyler and engaged in same capacity a short time. He was elected County Clerk in the fall of 1879, and re-elected in the fall of 1881. It requires bonds to amount to $5,000 for the office. He was born in Tabor, Bohemia, December 21, 1853. Came to America in the fall of 1867, with his parents and lived in Chicago, Ill., one year. He was married in Albion, Boone Co., Neb., December, 1874, to Miss Mary Councill, a native of England. Have two children, Theresa and Edward. Mr. L. is a member of Knights of Honor Lodge, No. 954.

JAMES C. MACKENZIE, farmer, Section 24, Township 18, Range 3, east, Grant Precinct He first settled in Omaha in November, 1869, and took eighty acres of land, a contract of grading on the Omaha & South Western R. R., where he was engaged until March 1, 1870. After which he went to Schuyler and followed the business of plasterer and mason until 1877, and moved on his farm in November., of that year and began stock and grain raising. He was born in Halifax, N. S., March 17, 1843, where he lived until moving to Nebraska. He learned the mason trade at a proper age and followed the same a number of years. He was also engaged in the gold mines in Goldenville Guysborough Co., N. S., seven years. He was married to a very estimable lady, Miss Nellie Jordan, in 1877, who was born in Waitesfield, Vt., August 6, 1858. They have three children, Alexander D., born February 5, 1878, Lillias May, born March 29, 1880, and Evaline, born December 13, 1881. He is a member of Queens Masonic Lodge, 110, of Shirbrook, N. S., and is now a member of Acacia Lodge, No. 34, of Schuyler.

VACLAV MALY, dealer in general merchandise, began business in Schuyler, March 1, 1878. He buys goods equal to $600 worth on a monthly average. Mr. M. first located in Cuming County, one and one-half miles from West Point, on a farm, in May, 1867, where he lived until he went to Schuyler, in 1877, he first engaged as clerk in the employ of F. Folda, a dry goods merchant, a year and nine months. He prospected three months, then engaged in business in the spring of 1878. He was born in Bohemia, Austria, November 12, 1846. Came to America with his parents in 1854, and located in Manitowoc County, Wis. They lived in that county until they moved to the West, in 1867. He was married in West Point, Neb., October 6, 1869. Has two children by first wife, Emilie and Jaroslav. His wife died January 12, 1879. He was married again August 9, 1879, to Miss Mary Markovec, a native of Bohemia, Austria. Have one son by last wife, Stanislav. Mr. M. is a member of the Bohemia Benevolent Society. C. S. P. S., and is secretary of the same.

JAMES McINTOSH, firm of G. H. Wells & Co., dealers in a general line of family groceries. He came to Schuyler, in the fall of 1871. When he engaged in the liquor business about four years. Then engaged in the grocery business about two years after which he became a member of the present firm. They pay out monthly for goods about $1200. Mr. McIntosh has not been a politician and has only been a member of the town board two years. He was born on Prince Edwards Island, June 26, 1835. Living there until he was fifteen, went to St. Johns., N. B. where, for his later life in that place, he was engaged in the hotel business about thirteen years, and previous to that he was engaged in the grocery business there. Was married in the latter place December 4, 1865, to Miss Elizabeth Wilson, a native of St. John, N. B. They have five children living, James S., Laura M., William, Lizzie and Arthur.

JOHN MILLER, dealer in general line of dry goods, ready-made clothing, hats and caps, boots and shoes, and groceries, established his business April 5, 1880. Employs three clerks, and oversees the store himself. Pays out on a yearly average $42,000 for goods of all kinds. Mr. M. located in Colfax County, April 3, 1869, taking a homestead of eighty acres, where he lived three years and improved the same. He was elected County Commissioner and served three years, at the end of which time or in the fall of 1875, was elected County Treasurer; was re-elected in the fall of 1877, serving four years. He was also engaged in the hardware business during the last two years of his administration as County Treasurer, previous to which he was in company with Mr. F. Folda in grain and implement business two years. He was born in Dearborn County., Ind., June 10, 1840. He was engaged in mercantile business from boyhood up to 1861, when he went to New York city, and clerked three years in one place. He then went to Middleton, Dane Co., Wis., and lived a year; then went to Colfax County, Nebraska. Was married in Hudson, N. Y., in 1864, to Miss Fredericka Godschow, a native of Mecklenberg, Germany. They have four children--Josephine, John, Louise and Amanda. Mr. Miller is a member of Acacia Lodge, No. 34, A., F. & A. M.

JOHN NOVOTNY, firm of Novotny & Co. dealers in lumber and building materials, established the business in March, 1878. They handle about 125 car-loads of lumber alone yearly, and about two car-loads sash, doors and blinds and building paper. They also deal in hard and soft coal, and employ from two to three men in their business, not including their own help. Mr. N. first located in Colfax County, in the fall of 1869, on a homestead of eighty acres of land, and remained there and farmed until the time of beginning business in Schuyler. He was born in Bohemia, Austria, June 24, 1847; came with his parents to America in 1858. He was married in Schuyler, Neb., October 10, 1874, to Miss Magdalen Sinula, a native of Kewaunee County, Wisconsin. They have three children--Mary T., Edward and Emily.

JUDSON L. PACKARD, firm of Packard & Sumner, dealers in grain, lumber, etc. Mr. P. settled six miles north of Schuyler, in Colfax County, on a solders' homestead of 160 acres, in 1871, where he lived about five years, improving his farm, etc. He then moved into the city and worked for Sumner Bros. eighteen months. Then Sumner Bros, and Packard purchased the interest of R. Falconer & Co., dealers in lumber, when the present firm was begun and has since continued. Mr. P. was born in Chittenden County, Vt., town of Jericho, January 1,1843. His parents moved to Decora, Columbia Co., Wis., in 1850. The father being a farmer, his son, Judson L., was brought up on a farm. He enlisted in Company H, Twenty-Seventh Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, June 11, 1862, as a Corporal, and afterwards promoted to Sergeant. He participated in the siege of Vicksburg, capture of Little Rock, Gen. Banks' Red River expedition, and the taking of Mobile with the Spanish forts, and from there was sent into Texas, and remained at Brownsville until October 25, 1865. Was mustered out October 25, 1865, returned to Decora, Wis., and lived a year. Went to Milwaukee, Wis., and took a course in Bryant & Stratton's Commercial College, remaining about eight months, after which he went to northern Michigan and taught school six months, when he returned to Decora, Wis., where he was married, June 28, 1868, to a very estimable lady, Miss Marion Tillotson, who was born in the latter town, October 12, 1850. They have five children--Minnie I., Gordon S., Bertha M., Judson L., Jr., and an infant daughter not yet named. Mr. P. is a member of Acacia Lodge, A., F. & A. M., No. 34.

ROBERT PETTITT, farmer, Section 1, Township 18, Range 3, P. O. Schuyler, was born in Sussex, England, March 17, 1817. He there married, in 1842, Miss Elizabeth Kenward. They have eight children--Fred, Caleb, Albert, Frank, Walter, Lucy, Sarah Jane and Isabel. He emigrated to America in 1850, locating in Saratoga, County, N. Y., residing there two years. He then moved to Henry County Ill, where he resided about nine years, after which he moved to Ford County, Ill, where he remained till 1876. In that year he removed to Nebraska, and soon after his arrival settled in Colfax County. Mr. P. has been engaged in farming since he came to America, and now has a fine stock farm of 260 acres, of which sixty-five acres are in cultivation, the rest grass land, a portion being under fence. He devotes much attention to raising fine stock, chiefly sheep, keeping about seven hundred head on hand.

CHARLES J. PHELPS, attorney at law, located in Colfax in 1869, at which time there was less than two hundred inhabitants in the county. The county was organized by an act of the Legislature in the same year. There were no highways or bridges in the county excepting the Government military road and bridge, and only one schoolhouse. Mr. P. settled on a homestead of eighty acres, where he lived five years, improving the same, and occupied in the study of law and practice of the same, improving the same, and occupied in the study of law and practice of the same. He made the first brick manufactured in the county, on the farm, and erected the first brick house in the county. He tried his first suit in Schuyler. Was born in Hartford, Conn., September 13, 1839. Was married in the latter city, March 1861, to Miss Sarah E. Wells, who was born in Hartford, Conn., July 30, 1840. They have five children: Helen C., born April 11, 1865; Edna E., born December 5, 1886; Sarah L. born October 4, 1880; Harry E., born March 20, 1862; Mary E. born April 27, 1863. Mr. P. is Master of Acacia Lodge, No. 34, A., F. & A. M. He was admitted to the bar of the District Court, in Schuyler, in April, 1873; also admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of Nebraska, at Lincoln, in 1875; admitted to U. S. Circuit Court at Omaha, in 1875, and to the bar of practice of U. S. Supreme Court, at Washington, D. C., December 20, 1881. He has a large practice in the State and Federal courts of Nebraska.

JOHN PROKES, meat market, sells fresh, salt and smoked meats. Began business in September, 1879. His average monthly sales are $650; employs three men. He first located in Omaha in 1873, and worked in a meat market one year; then went to Fremont, where he worked at same business eighteen months; then to Wahoo, and worked for one party three years in same business, after which he went to Schuyler and began business for himself. He was born in Bohemia, Austria, January 26, 1856; came to America in 1873. Was married in Wahoo, Neb., October, 1878, to Miss Anna Simodines, who is a native of same place in Austria. Have a son, Louis. Mr. P. is a member of the Schuyler Fire Department; also a member of the Bohemian society, C. S. P. S.

A. T. ROWE, farmer, lives one mile east of Schuyler. Came to Nebraska and settled in Schuyler, April 2, 1869, where he lived one year, after which he moved to Grant Precinct, where he lived until 1882, and then moved to present location. He was born in Bethel township, Oxford Co., Me., February 4, 1839. He lived in his native State, where he followed farming and lumbering until he moved to Nebraska. He enlisted in the nine months' service, Company B, Twenty-Third Regiment Maine Infantry Volunteers, September 10, 1862, and was mustered out in Portland, Me., July 15, 1863. He was married in the latter city, November 24, 1864, to Miss Amaretta Bean, who was born in Bethel, Me., September 16, 1839. They have five children--Marion E., Howard A., Sarah A., Clara C. and Amy. Mr. R. has been a Justice of the Peace of his precinct several years, a member of the school board and President of County Sunday School Association.

JOHN J. RILEY, roadmaster of the O. N. & B. H. Railroad, located at Shell Creek, Platte Co., now called Schuyler, Colfax Co., in April, 1866. He engaged as foreman of track repairs on the U. P. R. R. and has held other positions since he came to Nebraska, having made railroading his business. He built one of the first frame buildings in Schuyler, and has consequently witnessed the entire growth of that enterprising village. He was born in Gloucester, N. J., March 16, 1832. His parents moved to New York City in 1838. He went to Philadelphia, Pa., in 1848. He was employed on the Camden & Amboy R. R. (New Jersey) from 1851 to 1854, and was in the employ of the North Pennsylvania R. R. twelve years previous to coming to Nebraska. He was married in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1856, to Miss Kate E. Bonner, of Bucks County, Pa. They have four children living, whose names are--Lillie E., now married to C. B. Havens, and living in Omaha; Harry A., fireman on the U. P. R. R.; Jennie E. and Minnie A., at home. He is a member of Masonic Acacia Lodge. No. 34, of Schuyler, and Lodge I. O. O. F. No. 28; also of the Knights of Honor, No. 954. Has been Mayor of the city of Schuyler one term, and was a member of the first Board of Trustees of the village of Schuyler.

H. C. RUSSELL, law firm Russell & Chambers, attorneys at law and collecting agents, established in business by Mr. R., in 1876 at which time he located in Schuyler. They do an average yearly business of $3,000. He was born in Harrison County, Ohio, November 26, 1843. Enlisted April 19, 1861 in Company H, Second Regiment Iowa Infantry, and participated in the battles of Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Corinth and the Atlantic campaign, was wounded in Shiloh, March, 1864, when on private duty belonging to G. M. Dogge's scouts. He was mustered out in Louisville, Ky., in 1864. Afterwards joined secret service, and was mustered out at Memphis, Tenn., in 1867. He began reading law with his father, S. A. Russell at Washington, Iowa in 1868 and continued until 1872. He entered the Iowa State University in Iowa City in 1870, and graduated from the law department in June, 1872. His diploma being an admission to the bar, he began the practice of law in Crawfordsville, Iowa, and continued until 1876, at which time he went to Schuyler, Neb. Was elected County Judge of Colfax County, Neb., in the fall of 1877 and re-elected in 1879, holding the office four years. Was married in Washington, Iowa, November 26, 1868, to Miss Amanda Cowden, a native of Mercer County, Ill. They have two daughters, Lizzie E. and Mary A. Mr. R. has been commander of Sheridan Post No. 34 since its organization.

JOHN B. SIDES, firm of Oman & Sides, proprietors Schuyler Marble Works manufacturers American and Italian marble. Mr. Sides located in Colfax County three and a half miles northwest of Schuyler on a farm in 1871, where he lived about two years, then moved to Schuyler where he worked at the carpenter and painter trade until he began his present business. He was born in Lancaster County, Pa., October 10, 1832; was raised on a farm and naturally first began that business. He moved to Whiteside County near Sterling, where he followed farming until he came to Nebraska in the spring of 1871. He was married in Pennsylvania, July 14, 1851, to Miss Sarah E. Longanecker who is a native of Pennsylvania. Have six children living--Letetia, married to A. B. Ellis and living in Schuyler; Amelia, married to Wm. F. Brittican and living in Pennsylvania; Henry N., living in Schuyler; Ella M., married to James M. Hull and living in Glasgow, Mo.; Elmer E. and Addie K., at home. Mr. Sides enlisted August 10, 1862 in Company G., One Hundred and Twenty-second Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry in nine months service, participated and was taken prisoner in the battle of Chancellorsville. He re-enlisted in the spring of 1864 in Company F, One Hundred and Eighty-sixth Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry, and was mustered out October, 1865. He is a member G. A. R., Sheridan Post No. 34.

J. P. SMITH, Sheriff of Colfax County, Neb., first settled on a homestead in Colfax, Colfax County, in 1872, where he lived four years, sold his farm and moved to Schuyler, prospected in various sections of the West about eighteen months, after which he went into the employ of Wells & Nieman in the grain business, where he remained three years, and was elected Sheriff of Colfax County in the fall of 1881. He is a member of Schuyler Lodge No. 28 I. O. O. F., he is also a member of K. of H., Schuyler Lodge 954. Was born in Douglas County, Ill., October 3, 1847, where he lived until 1866, being raised on a farm, he went to Marshall County, Iowa, December, 1865 and engaged in farming a number of years;, removed to his native place in Illinois and lived a year; then to Nebraska. He was married in Marshall County, Iowa, February 17, 1866, to Miss Emma Beach, who was born in Knox County, Ohio. They have three children, Henry J., Jennie Y. and Fred.

L. C. SMITH, dealer in general merchandise. His was the first store that was begun in Schuyler, dating back to May, 1869. When Mr. S. settled in Schuyler there was only one house in the town. The first summer there was the largest immigration of any time since. There was but very little railroad or government land taken at that time. The government land is now all taken, and about two-thirds of all railroad inside first ten miles limit. Mr. S., mentions the fact of riding all day with his brother, and never seeing but one house during their journey. Now the country is quite fully settled up, and fast developing. He had about $350 capital on beginning business, he built up a business employing $30,000 capital up to 1874, between the latter date and 1878 they lost in the business about $10,000, since which date their business has gradually increased; there were only three merchants in the village that survived the business depressions between 1873 to 1878. He now does an average annual business of about $12,000. He also does a large butter and egg business, aggregating in 1880, $11,949.75; in 1881, $8,597.42 , and in 1882 , to January 25, $409.71. The firm name from commencing until spring of 1879 was L. C. Smith & Bro., when L. C. Smith purchased the whole interest. His net yearly proceeds, $2,000. He was born in Jackson County, Mich., November 20, 1838. He entered the Eclectic College of Cincinnati, Ohio, November, 1864, and graduated the following March. He afterward practiced in Calhoun County, Mich., until he moved to Nebraska. He also studied medicine in Litchfield, Mich., under A. R. Brown, M. D. He enlisted in spring of 1862 in Capt. Andrews, Light Artillery, at Coldwater, Mich. as private, but was soon placed in charge of a hospital at West Point, N. Y., about six months after which he was put in the field and participated in the battles of Richmond, Ky., and previously at Henderson, Ky. He was discharged on account of physical disability brought on by service in army. Was married in Litchfield, Mich., November, 1869, to Miss Lottie L. Mason, who was born in Lysander, N. Y. Have a son and daughter: Julia M., born September 20, 1874; Walter L., born November 12, 1876. Mr. S. is a member of Masonic Order, Acacia Lodge, No. 74. He is also a policy holder in Chicago & New York Masonic Life Insurance Company.

OLNEY J. SMITH, dealer in all kinds of grain, etc. Established his present business in latter part of October, 1877. He does a large grain business. Mr. Smith first located in Schuyler, in April, 1869, and engaged in merchandising with his brother, L. C. Smith, which business was continued up to October, 1878, when he sold out to his brother and now gives his entire attention to grain buying. He was born in Pulaski, Jackson Co., Mich., December 2, 1842. Was engaged in farming during his early life in Michigan. Was married November 18, 1876, to Miss Cornelia Thompson, a native of Greene County, N. Y. They have one son, William Martin Smith, born November 18, 1878. Mr. S. enlisted in Company H., Fourth Regiment, Michigan Volunteer Infantry. Served eighteen months and was discharged on account of a wound received at Malvern Hill during the seven days' battle on the last day of battle, on June, 1862. Mr. Smith participated in the siege of Yorktown, also a battle on the Chickahominy and many skirmishes. He was discharged in fall of 1863, at Washington, D.C. He was kept a prisoner at Castle Thunder a month after time of being wounded. He afterward re-enlisted in November, 1864, in Sixth Michigan Heavy Artillery; served until the close of the war and was mustered out at Greenville, La. He was a member of the A., F. & A. M., of Michigan.

W. M. STEVENS, farmer and stock raiser. Bringing 100 head of improved stock with him to Schuyler from Hamilton County, Pa, he settled in Polk County, Neb., in May, 1871, and began farming and stock-raising, lived there four years, sold out and moved to Richland, Colfax Co., with two miles of the above station on the U. P. R. R., and opened a stock and grain farm, remained five years, sold out and moved to Schuyler, bought a fine farm of 160 acres adjoining city limits on the south, where he has since resided and now owns a herd of 150 head of fine cattle. He was born in Wilmington Township, Canada West, August 2, 1836. When he was at home he was brought up on a farm and engaged in lumbering, etc. Mr. S. and family have lived in Kansas, also Northern Wisconsin and Iowa, where he was engaged in farming and stock-raising. He was married in Kansas, in 1859, to Miss A. L. Stevens, a native of Vermont. They have six children living. They have six children, Ida M., Ada B., Etta, Anna, William H. and Lilian L.

CHARLES E. SUMNER, firm of Sumner & Co., bankers and real estate and loan agents, Schuyler, Neb.

EDWARD L. TRUE, firm of Sumner & True, dealers in general merchandise, Schuyler, Neb.

D. H. VAN ANTWERP, carpenter and joiner, contractor and builder, also agent for Aldrich windmills. He located in Schuyler in February, 1870. He has consequently seen the city enlarge from a few houses. He was born in the town of Sidney, Shelby Co., Ohio, June 15, 1837,. His parents moved to Rock County, Wis, in spring of 1841. He lived there until 1867, and at a proper age learned the carpenter trade, enlisted in June 1861, in Company K, Seventh Regiment, Wisconsin, Volunteer Infantry. He participated in the battles of Fredericksburg and 1st; advance to Cedar Mountain, Rappahannock Station, White Sulphur Springs, Chantilla, second battle of Bull Run, and Antietam, also Gainsville. He was made Sergeant; was mustered out at convalescent camp by a general order of W. W. Belknap, September, 1863. He then returned to Wisconsin and worked at his trade some time, then went to Austin, Minn., where he remained some time after which he went to Schuyler, Neb. He was married in Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y., April 17, 1863, to Miss Addie S. Cooley, who is a native of the latter place and a graduate of Oxford Academy. They have two children living, Geo. L., Frank A., drowned April 16, 1877, and Earl Elihu. Mr. Van Antwerp has been a member of I. O. O. F., Schuyler Lodge, No. 28, since organization of same, and is now secretary. He is a member of G. A. R., Sheridan post No. 34. He has been engaged in building county bridges to the extent of over 5,000 feet; also many bridges for U. P. R. R. between Omaha and Sidney. Has also built many buildings, public and private, in Colfax County, amongst which was the finest private residence in the county, the latter of which was in company with a Mr. White.

G. H. WELLS, firm of G. H. Wells & Co., dealer in general family groceries, boots and shoes, glassware, crockery, etc. Mr. Wells began his present business in fall of 1879. They pay out monthly on an average $1,200 for goods. Mr. Wells came to Nebraska in fall of 1869, and remained in Omaha until March 1, 1870, when he settled in Schuyler, and engaged in photographing; also took a homestead on which he made valuable improvements, etc. He was elected Sheriff in fall of 1871, and re-elected in fall of 1873, serving four years. Was elected again in fall of 1877, and re-elected in fall of 1879, and served full term; equal a total of eight years' service as Sheriff. He was elected Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms and Postmaster in the State Legislature in 1877-1878. He was born in Wallace, Nova Scotia, May 18, 1843; was married June 30, 1880, to Miss Anna E. Albertson, a native of Michigan. His wife's father settled in Colfax County, Neb., in 1856, thus being one of the pioneers. They have a daughter, Clara May. Mr. Wells was made a member of Masonic fraternity in Prince Edward Island in 1868. He is now a member of Acacia Masonic Lodge No. 34, of Schuyler, Neb.

WILLIAM WEST, one of the proprietors of the Schuyler Sun, was born in Jefferson Co., Ohio, January 16, 1839. He was married in Jackson, that State, May 22, 1865, to Sarah J. Ewing, who was born in Madison County, April 6, 1844. The children born to them have been Hally M. West, and Rea Cady West. Mr. West learned his trade in Jackson, Ohio, and has followed it faithfully since. He remained in Jackson six years, following his trade for short periods at Xenia and Kenton, Ohio. He also served over a year in the union army, coming to Nebraska in November, 1870, when he took a soldier's homestead of 160 acres, near Schuyler. He moved into town in 1876, and purchased a third interest in the Sun in the fall of 1877. Mr. West has never held any public position, and glories in the fact. He is a member of the Odd Fellows, however, and of the G. A. R.

THERON W. WHITMAN, Deputy County Clerk of Colfax County, settled in Maple Creek Precinct April 6, 1872, on a farm; which occupation he followed about three years. He took his present position March 1, 1875, and has held the same under successive Clerks since. He taught school two winters when he first settled. Was born in South Weymouth, Mass, august 3, 1845. The first business which he followed was cutting in a boot and shoe house, or factory, in his native place, and followed it until July 1, 1864, when he enlisted in Company A, Sixtieth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. He was mustered out December 1, 1864. He then returned to his former occupation a short time; then as clerk in a general store until he moved to Nebraska. He was married in his native town April 2, 1867, to Miss Mary A. Loud. She was born in the same village. They have three children, Fred W., Grace R., and Emma A. He is a member of Acacia Lodge, No. 34, A., F. & A. M., Schuyler, Neb.

DR. JAMES A. WOODS located in Schuyler, October 31, 1872, and immediately began the practice of his profession. He was born in Crawford Co., Pa, November 20, 1844, but was raised in Ohio. He entered the Cleveland Medical College of Ohio in October, 1868, and graduated from that celebrated medical school in February, 1870. He began the practice of his chosen profession at Arlington, Hancock Co., Ohio, with success two years, then went to Milton Centre, Wood Co., Ohio, and practiced two years with like success, after which he moved to Schuyler, Neb. He enlisted in February, 1864, in Company L, Second Ohio Heavy Artillery, as a private. His battery was on garrison duty, and participated in several skirmishes. He was mustered out August 29, 1865, at Camp Chase, Ohio. He was married in Williamstown, Hancock Co., Ohio, November 24, 1870, to Miss Sophronia Cline, a native of Richland County, Ohio. They have three children, Carrie A., Kate L., and Dale J. The Doctor is a member of the K. of H., Enterprise Lodge, No. 954.

JOSEPH F. WOODS, Postmaster, settled in Richland Precinct, Colfax County, in March 1869, and took a homestead of 160 acres. Township 17, Range 2 east, where he lived about five years engaged in farming, and which land is still carried on as a farm under his supervision. But Mr. Woods then moved into Schuyler, and engaged in general merchandise until December 8, 1878, at which time his establishment burned. He then turned his attention to improve stock of horses for some time. He was appointed Postmaster for Schuyler, and took charge of the office February 21, 1876. The proceeds of the office in 1881, including stamps and box rent, was $2,747.49. Money orders issued, of which the domestic equal to $32,974.25; Canada equal to $129.25; British equal to $85.96, and German equal to $800. The fees equal $313.80. Total equals, $33,511.26. Mr. Woods was born in Stark County, Ohio, July 1, 1842. He enlisted in Company G, Eighty-seventh Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, in the three months service in 1862 as a private. Was taken prisoner in Harper's Ferry battle, which was fought September 13, 14, and 15, 1862; surrendered to rebels on 15th September. He was immediately paroled, and exchanged the following spring. Re-enlisted June 3, 1863, in Company L. Second Ohio Heavy Artillery, and was made Sergeant. Participated in many skirmishes. Mustered out August 23, 1865, at Nashville, Tenn. He went to Camp Chase, Ohio, where he was paid off and discharged. He attended a commercial college at Oberlin, Ohio, graduating fall of 1866. He taught writing school, and various occupations until he came to Nebraska. He was married in Schuyler, Neb., January 4, 1872, to Miss Maria Curry, then Mrs. Matherson. They have three children, named Anna Matherson, by first husband, Etta V. Woods, Alma L. Woods, and Horace C. Woods. Mr. Woods is a member I. O. O. F., Schuyler Lodge No. 28; K. of H., Enterprise Lodge, No. 954; also of G. A. R., Sheridan Post, No. 34. Mr. Woods and family are members of the Presbyterian Church.

MILES ZENTMYER, attorney and counsellor at law. He does a large collection business for Eastern parties, and deals in real estate. He is also one of the proprietors of the Schuyler Herald, owned by Zentmyer & Holcomb. Mr. Zentmyer first located in Schuyler in January, 1873, emigrating from Huntingdon, Pa., where he was born June 25, 1842. He enlisted, August, 1862, in Company C, One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers Infantry, in the nine months' service. He began the study of his profession in October, 1863, in the law office of Scott, Brown & Bailey, in his native town, where he remained; and also taught school several terms, etc., until February 25, 1865, when he again enlisted as a private; and March 1, 1865, he was appointed First Lieutenant of Company F., Seventy-seventh Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers Infantry. In his nine months' service he participated in battles of Antietam and Chancellorsville. He was discharged December 6, 1865, in Victoria, Texas, and was mustered out in Philadelphia, Pa., January 16, 1866. Eighteen months after being mustered out he entered the former law office and resumed his studies, and was admitted to the bar August, 1869, and began the practice of law in his native place, where he remained until he moved to Nebraska. Was married in Huntingdon, Pa, May 26, 1874, to Miss Jennie M. Crewitt, also a native of the latter place. They have one son, George Aubrey, born May 2, 1881. Mr. Z. is a member of Acacia Masonic Lodge, No. 34; also I. O. O. F., Schuyler Lodge, No. 38. Was elected County Judge in fall 1881. He run for Lieutenant-Governor of Nebraska on the State Democratic ticket in 1876. He and Mrs. Zentmyer are members of the Presbyterian Church of Schuyler.

JOSEPH ZERZAN, firm of Zerzan & Nieman, dealers in general line hardware and agricultural implements. Mr. Zerzan located in Omaha in the spring of 1869 and engaged as clerk in a grocery store a year. He then went in company with another party in the grocery and liquor business two years. Sold out, went to West Point, Neb., and put up a building and went in the grocery business, which he continued along three years, after which he became agent for sewing machines and continued in their sale a year or over. He then went to Schuyler, Colfax County; took a claim of land, which he cultivated and improved two seasons, teaching school during the winter time. He then clerked in a hardware store about five years, after which he bought his employer's interest in the business and formed the present copartnership. Was born in Bohemia, Austria, April 14, 1849. Came to America in 1864. Lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a short time, engaged for the N. W. R. R. He was married in the latter city, November 1870, to Miss Mary Shonka who was born in his native place also, five children, Josephine, Mary K., Emma, Edward and George. Mr. Zerzan is a notary public and insurance agent. He is Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska C. S. P. S. He is also President of Zapadul Jednota, No. 42, C. S. P. S. Has served as Justice of the Peace two years; was a member of the Town Board when he lived in West Point, Neb.

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