Contributed by MARCIA PHILBRICK.

Our Golden Wedding

Fifty years, 'tis a long look back
To that far off winter day,
When we started out, just a pair of kids.
Together to tread life's way
There were no airplanes or radios then
Automobiles were unheard of too
There wasn't a telephone in the town
And electric lights were few.
When we started housekeeping by ourselves
There wasn't much work to do,
For the house we had was very small,
And the table was set for two.
Then the babies started coming along,
And we worked early and late,
By the time we moved into a home we owned
The table was set for eight.
Then another girl happened along
But before she had a place of her own,
The oldest girl and the man of her choice
Had started another home.
Then two boys went away to war
And things were in an awful fix.
We worked for the Red Cross and sold liberty bonds
And the table was set for six.
Then the boys came home, but soon Cupid's darts
Drove a boy and a girl from the hive.
And death's cold hand took another boy
And the table was set for five.
Then a boy and a girl went away to school
A teacher and a nurse to be.
And now the table looks awfully small,
When its only set for three
The boy at school found a wee small girl
That he just must have for a wife
But the nurse still seems content
To live a single life.
Then the youngest girl met a farmer
And married as most girls do.
And we're right back where we started from
And the table is set for two.
But as the years have come and gone.
And good times or hard times we'd see
I've never grown tired of seeing
That same face across the table from me.

~Josephine Winifred Hammond Crawford

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