Contributed by MARCIA PHILBRICK.

Come on, Pal

Do you ever feel a yearning to roam?
There are wonderful cities, There are the mountains
And great rolling rivers, And deserts dry.
And the great gray ocean with sparkling foam.
    Come on, Pal, let's go.
There are deeds of kindness that we may do.
There are poor to feed and the sick need care
And sorrow and suffering everywhere
And few t do it but me and you.
    Come on, Pal, let's go.
There is the story of Jesus that needs to be told
To the heathen abroad and the unlearned at home
And hundreds of children who heedlessly roam
With none to tell the sweet story of old
    Come on, Pal, let's go.
And when we think our journey is o'er
We're so very tired and in need of a rest.
There is one more journey the last and the best
When Jesus shall call from the beautiful shore.
    Come on, Pal, let's go

~Josephine Winifred Hammond Crawford

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