Contributed by MARCIA PHILBRICK.


(sung to tune Swanee River)

Way out upon the rolling prairies
         In days gone by
Cam the courageous pioneers,
         New lands and homes to try.
They bravely face the toil and hardship
         When drought brought gloom.
But still along the lonely roadways
         Shone the big sunflowers bloom.

Fitting emblem of the people
Who fought drought and gloom
Still shining forth upon the prairie
The golden sunflowers bloom

Then let us all go bravely onward
         Till our work's done
E'en though the fierce black rolling blizzards
         Darken the noonday sun
We know they cannot last forever
         They pass away
But still along the dusty highways
         The sunflower greets the day.

So we will always stay in Kansas
         Here make our home
Though the big, crowded, noisy cities
         Entice us all to roam.
But out upon the quiet prairie
         There's lots of room
Here we will live in sweet contentment
         Circled by the sunflower's bloom.

~Josephine Winifred Hammond Crawford

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