Contributed by

the Rev. Paul B. Mitchell


Marshall McLin

My cousin, Gordon McLin, passed away July 22, 1998, at the age of 87. Gordon was Kansas to me. His solid values, his strength, his wry sense of humor -- he was a Kansan, through and through.

Rev. Mitchell made these remarks at the funeral service, and we are very grateful for permission to reproduce them here. We also thank Marshall McLin, who has his father's best qualities, for working with KanColl to recognize Gordon in this way.

And we thank Mary McLin, "Granny," just for being herself -- a feisty lady who also has much grace and kindness in her, a truly beautiful woman, and she is one of the best quilters and cooks I know. She was a delight in Gordon's life for more than 60 years, and remains a delight in ours.

~Susan Stafford.

NOTE: Mary McLin passed away early in the morning
on the 12th of January, 1999. We miss her.

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