Contributed by MERLE (BUS) CORNELIUS and produced by SUSAN STAFFORD.

Views of Lane, Kansas

Burner House

Lane Kansas 1881 -- 1917

At one time Emerson was a town north of 4th St. and Lane was the town south of 4th St. From a faded postcard I have recreated the picture above. In early years on the N/E corner of 4th St. and Oak St. there are records of a Burner House. The only picture of the Burner house is below. Taken when my mother Marie Boling and her parents operated the Commercial Hotel on the S/W Corner of Oak and St. in 1917-19, lady in picture is my mother. I believe the two pictures are of the same building, just 36 years apart.

Merl (Bus) Cornelius

Burner House with Marie Boling in foreground

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