Contributed by MERLE (BUS) CORNELIUS and produced by SUSAN STAFFORD.

Notes on Samuel Lee 1832 - 1902

     Samuel Lee had a fine boot shop in New York and made boots for what they called the “Carriage Trade”. He made boots for them President Lincoln. Mr Lincoln was so impressed that he gave Samuel a grant of land in Kansas. That is why the Lee family left New York and moved to Kansas. A business partner of Samuel a Mr. Brown tried to get Samuel to stay in St. Louis and continue his shoe business with him. Samuel moved on to see his land grant and ended up in Kansas City and had several properties but was wiped out by the great flood of 1905. Note the Census 1880 Waterford New York 1st Elec. Dist. taken 14th June. Samuel originally came from Manchester England via the way of Canada. Married Canada East Whitehall by Rev. Wessott in the present of Maxium and Agness Capnode. Sarah his first child returned to New York for a visit and upon returning to Kansas and married Otis Boling, she was sent from New York some fine furniture including a piano made of rose wood.

-- Merl (Bus) Cornelius

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