Contributed by MERLE (BUS) CORNELIUS and produced by SUSAN STAFFORD.

Lane, Kansas 1910 - 1920

Lane, Kansas 1920

Guide to buildings in drawing

In my drawing of these buildings I will try to identify the history of who occupied them, it is difficult to place exact dates.

Building 1 - At some time this house was occupied by T.S. Lathen, they operated a general store in buiiding 3. Later this house would be demolished and John Lock would operate a drug store in a newer building. Building in left of 1910 picture was operated Oscar Hendrix as a creamery & feed store.

Building 2 - J.F. Martin operated a meat market and lunch room for a number of years. Hatchett Chambers bought this store and operated a meat market- general store and mortuary all in the same building. The people of Lane voiced concern; they stated “Hatchett could be embalming a body and then go over and cut your meat order." Finally he built a tin building in the rear for the mortuary to stop the gossip. In about 1938 he sold the store to Clyde Sutherland of Garnett.

Building 3 - abt. 1926-7 Two story, upstairs - front Dr. Clark; middle offices I. J. Cornelius Insurance office; rear telephone office. Down stairs, Richard Lock creamery feed - eggs chickens and first ice house.

Building 4 - Glenn Walters barber shop and Fred Walters Watch repair.

Building 5 - Was operated by Dr. Fuller, as Dr. Office and Drug Store, later years Kyle and Cleo Laffolett would operate a restaurant (abt 1936). They sold out to a Mr. Burke who lived upstairs, he was on crutches and how he got up and down those stairs is a wonder to me. Eva Vint cooked for the restaurant.

Building 6 - Originally this was the Dana Needman general store; in about 1913 Charles Schlagel store on the west side, (which he had purchased from Hieber), next to the bank burned and Schlagel bought the Dana Needman store.

Tree # 7 - I can remember when this tree was removed, about 1925. 1 was about 4 years old and years later the stump was still there.

--Bus Cornelius

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