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Contributed by Julia Curtis Steele

Produced by Julia Curtis Steele, Lynn H. Nelson, and Susan Stafford

Ms. Steele writes about R. O. Blain and the Sanfords:

     I don't know, my mother doesn't remember either, how my father [Charles A. Curtis] came to know R. O. Blain. When this was written, he was living in S. California, up San Gabriel Canyon. There is a U. S. Forestry Service Fire Station there now. Mom says there used to be a group of people who lived up there. This was before my time. I imagine there probably would be a connection with the Depression as the San Gabriel River was a source of water, along with a small amount of gold and fish to eat. It was probably a cheap place to stay. Anyway, somehow, a connection must've been made between Mr. Blain and my father, Charles Andrew Curtis.
     The only family members mentioned in the story are Harlan P. Sanford and his Niece Ida. Harlan was my paternal grandmother's uncle. My grandmother was Lydia Estella McConnell Curtis. I am still mucking around trying to fit some of the family into place. I do know that Harlan and, I think, his mother are buried in Artesia, CA, not far from where I live. He has a Civil War marker. A Mary Sanford is a short distance from him. I had always thought she was his wife until I looked at the date. Now I think that she must be his mother.
     Harlan was in the Sixth Regiment Kansas Volunteers -- Cavalry, Company F. He was mustered out Nov. 19, 1864, along with two other family members, Ephraim Badger and one other whose name I haven't found but a cousin has.

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