Contributed by Frank Job and produced by Susan Stafford.

The University of Kansas Orchestra,

KU Orchestra, 1904 (Nero the dog down front)

     "My grandmother, Josephine L. Parrish, front row, far left, played first violin in the university orchestra in 1904-05. Her mentor, Professor Charles S. Skilton, composer as well as music director at the university for many years, is shown back row, center (with moustache). Upon his death in 1941, a colleague noted that the university had lost one of its most creative figures.
     "The inclusion of 'Nero -- Pine Grove Jersey Dog' in the photograph attests to Josephine's love of animals and apparently his acceptance by the other members.
     "'Pine Grove' was the Parrish family dairy farm located three miles southwest of Lawrence, and operated by Josephine's mother, Nancy Morris Parrish. Her father, William H., a Union veteran, died in 1886 from war-related injuries, leaving Nancy with nine children to raise and a farm to run.
     "In 1905, Josephine took up residence in town, boarding with a family near the university. Her roommate, Beth Boright, is the young woman in the center with the cello. The man in the front row, far left, I believe to be Gregg McElhinny.
     "Sometime around 1908, my grandmother left Kansas and settled in California. She brought with her the musical talents she had developed at the university, playing violin in both the Pomona Valley Symphony and in small ensembles for many years."
Frank Job
12 May 1998

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