Contributed by John Abbott.

Independence Public Schools

Diploma awarded by the Independence Public Schools, very ornate lettering and illustration

     This diploma was awarded to John Abbott's father, Roy Abbott. John explains, "When he moved to Independence to live with his mother and step-father, he started attending eighth grade there and 'graduated' from the ninth grade in 1914. At the time Independence did not have a high school (there was a high school in Independence, but it was the Montgomery County High School) and City Schools went through the ninth grade, hence the statement on the Diploma that he had completed the course of study of Independence City Schools. Dad didn't attend beyond the ninth grade, but opted to find a job instead.

     "In 1921, it was decided to discontinue Montgomery County High School and convert it to Independence High School. In 1922, the first class graduated from Independence High School."

     The names on the right hand side are faint on the original. The Superintendent is C. S. Risdon, the last name of the Principal is Arley Riggs, the President is S. H. Piper, and the Vice President is H. E. West. An enlarged view of the illustration on the diploma is presented below:

Illustration of women dressed in ancient Grecian style, with symbols of education, learning and achievement

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