"Orphan Trains of Kansas" is contributed by CONNIE DIPASQUALE.

June 21, 1894


     As was announced in last week's papers, eighteen orphan children from New York City arrived in Columbus on the five o'clock train Friday morning. They were in care of Messrs. King, Tice, and Mrs. Elston. After bathing and breakfast at the Middaugh hotel, the little ones were as wide awake and bright as if they had not traveled nearly 2,000 miles to find homes in the West. At an early hour many of the kind hearted citizens of Columbus and Cherokee County, thronged the office and halls of the hotel to see the children and to choose from them such as they desired. Every mother heart was touched at the sight of the little ones as at nine o'clock they were led onto the stage at the opera house. There was the chubby, dimpled baby, at once "Monarch of all he surveyed", the little boy still in kilt skirt, his brother in the proud triumphal period of his first pants - all unconscious of how much this occasion meant for them; there were the restless, typical boys of the period, and the older and thoughtful who were evidently pondering these things. It was a beautiful tribute to kindred love when little brothers tenderly said "good bye", and two little brothers (mere babies) positively refusing to be separated, one kind hearted man took them both. One could not look upon scenes like that and not have his faith in humanity strengthened. There were more demands for children than the supply. Some ladies even came in the afternoon, hoping that some child might be left; but they were all taken before leaving the opera house. We append the names of the children and their kind benefactors.

    Willie Vancura, age six years, with S.W. Alcenz, Neutral.
    Joseph Vancura, age thirteen years, with Thomas Haines, country.
    Anna Vancura, age eleven years, with Casper Christienson [correct spelling Caspar Christiansen], country.
    Joseph Fertig, age ten years, with Wm. McMillen, Tehama, P.O.
    John Fertig, age thirteen years, with C.W. Willey, Tehama, P.O.
    Edward Burns, age seventeen years, with H.P. Adams, country.
    Jacob Leperdoff, age fifteen years, with Jacob Stebbins, country.
    Thomas Finn, age sixteen years, with C.D. Arehart, Baxter Springs.
    Thomas Smith, age fifteen years, with Mayor Wiswell, Columbus.
    Harold Walker, age two years, with Dr. Scammon, Columbus.
    Elmer Davis, age six years, with Reuben W. Hefflin, Columbus.
    Clarence Brown, age four years, and Matthew Brown, age seven years, with J.W. Goul, Cherokee.
    John Kline, age eight years, with Mrs. Nancy Dagger, Weir City.
    Charles Custed, age seven years, with Mr. S.O. Goodrich, Columbus.
    Scott Mosher, age nine years, with Mrs. William Taylor, Columbus.
    Frank Mosher, age eleven years, with Mrs. Ed Scammon, Miami.
    Willie Mangan, age 17 years, with R.L. Risbow, Columbus.

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