"Orphan Trains of Kansas" is contributed by CONNIE DIPASQUALE.

January 20, 1911


     Fifteen children from the orphanages of New York, ranging in age from 2 to 15 years have found comfortable homes with Jefferson county farmers. The children arrived at Oskaloosa last Thursday and the last of the lot found homes Thursday of this week. Miss Peterson, one of the attendants who accompanied the children here, returned to New York Wednesday; Miss Anna Hill, who had charge of the company on the journey from New York, left Thursday for Valley Falls to visit some of the children who were sent there, and Rev. Swan went to Nebraska on business of the society.

     The coming of these little waifs was an interesting event in Oskaloosa and the townspeople and the farmers round about seemed to get as much enjoyment out of it as the children. "Don't get the idea," said Rev. Swan, "that these little children are a sad hearted lot, for they are not; and while our hearts go out to them because they are homeless, they are not friendless. If there are any here who expect to take any of these children through sympathy, don't put in your application. When your stock of sympathy runs out you will tire of the child and then we will have to come and get it. What we want is a home where the child will be treated in a rational manner and where it will be given a fair chance to develop into a useful man or woman."

     During their stay here the children visited around with many families, a number staying in town, but in the final disposition all were sent to the country. Samuel Dunbar, aged 3, is with Otto Lantz; Fredolph Frederickson, aged 2, is with Charles Winans; Katie Fichtener, aged 11, is with F.H. Courson; William Potthoff, aged 13 and his sister Anna, aged 15, are with L.H. Kimmel; Adelaide Loggenara, aged 6, is with Owen Johnston; Henry Palmer, aged 9, is with Harry Wood; Eva Grant, aged 10, is with James Quakenbush; Mildred Grant, aged 12, is with Thos. Davis; Norman Deacon, aged 5, is with Jesse Uhl, Valley Falls; Fred Valentine, aged 6, is with Newton Bilger, Valley Falls; William Hoyt, aged 10, is with H.A. Mowry, Valley Falls; Edward Hoyt, aged 8, is with J.I. Spence, Valley Falls; William Buggelen, aged 12, and Marvin Miller, aged 6, are with A.H. Jurgens, Valley Falls.

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